Version 4.16 Release Notes


Nice PG logic. #EXPLOITS


No update yet!!!


So judging by the fact that the 4.20 release notes have magically disappeared this means it’s not being released :thinking:


They’re right there… [points]

What’re you smoking?

Can I have some?



Nice. No update available and no gold to mine.


since we will be hitting a UI base on more castles, will our riders still get glory? If so, how is that computed?

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Glory will be counted based on troops destroyed and the currently implemented glory scaling logic.


Does this count for alliance castles too?
Thinking about Safe Zone access, and working as an effective Alliance to defend the (typically) one castle on the front line.

What about the Defender?
If a level 300 is attacked by a level 100 (with a high level backer to achive 5 flames) surely the lvl 300 gets 100%(?)


I may have missed somethingfrom your post, but is there elements other than your player level in scaling?
I am currently level 244, but was able to get only 8% of glory when I defeated the primarch of level 235. I thought it was just a display glitch, but didn’t get the glory for real, so if there are other mechanics, it will be grateful if clarified.


The difference in Team Influence Global Ranking also matters. When Atlas seasons launches there will be an expected glory Glory Scaling % calculator which you can input level and team rankings to see what you should expect.


thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:


Any chance we can get glory scaling percentages and/or team influence values on the battle reports?


The DM rolls dice behind a shield for a reason…


When will the bug that kicks a person off when trying to collect chests, prizes, and seasons be fixed?


Lol @gangster