Version 4.16 Release Notes


Try this:

It might fix some of those bugs


Panda’s funding the conversion of all Android users :heart_eyes:


Seems like a pre-cursor to a new battery lawsuit…lol.


Well, PG that’s an update!!! Good job!


Reserve your joy until you see the bugs…


Please please please include dead troops


You mean including revives? I dont know how exactly you would calculate “dead” ones.


Finally! Happy to hear this…gonna wait till the real update roll out to confirm the fix


So what’s the point of Taunters and Rushers? It sounds like the Castle Guards do the defending? Or does an attacker still need to defeat the Taunters and Rushers first? But then does that player lose troops on the tauter and rusher? I’m confused!


I dont see why anything would change?

The same function as the garrison does now

Same as it is now

Same mechanic as now…


Hi @DragonKingxzxz ,

While the castle guard will defend a castle, you can still load up any Primarch and park them on the castle for extra defense. The big change is the removal of the garrison, so you’ll only get defensive G if your Primarch is loaded and present at the point of attack.


So in order to hire Castle guards, we need to gain GP first (aka loose personal troops first).


Hi @xXxRelliKxXx ,

Yes. PG is seeking to encourage active PvP in Atlas, and discourage hoarding troops. So, go kill, and PG will replace your losses. You can earn G without putting your castle at risk.


The biggest concern is will the benefit outweigh the loss.


A couple things I didnt see clarified and issues…

  1. What is glory percentage for hitting castle gaurd at different Forts. It seems a level 2 being easiest ui base and a level 12 being hardest would calculate differently.

  2. Also trying to understand the purpose of removing people’s ability to defend their own garrison. Yes you can have prims there but now you can attack around any prim regardless of troops loaded on them. Just need the rushers to trap and hit. And let’s face it UI based and the AI that doesn’t hammer spam arent all that difficult.

It would appear you are making garrison killing easier so you not value the life of our new team troops?

  1. The idea of automatic infastructure seems like it will be an issue for land grab days. Like new roll out. Essentially the moment you claim a garrison, meaning who ever gets there 1st can insta summons team troops assuming you have the glory and it will bubble… so 1 person can claim a castle then and hold it for the team. This seems like making a fight land not a thing more a race. So maybe holding the garrison for a small time before infastructure is deployed?


What will team quests chests contain if a team maxes it out , timers ’ eggs , sigils ??


Would be able to see a few examples of these AI garrison defense bases and level correlation?

I’m interested to see just how much added defense it will give our team vs having our pretty good bases defended like in wars. I am really hoping for non-invader style bases, because anybody with kinnarus and a single finger can wipe those at almost any level


My guess is this is their way of defending smalls in game. A team may only have a 225 as their biggest player but if they have a high enough fort it will offset a bit. I dont like it though because ui based dont adjust for the new dragons and spells either


I believe this is a very good update. Thanks PG.


@pgEcho i cant see anywhere whats the ratio between team gp and castle guards ? 1:1 or another ratio.