Version 4.16 Release Notes


Oh maybe that’s where I went wrong. Maybe he was more useful than I thought


Glory is only earned from PvP, so it would be best to use divine season riders for the new rider missions, if glory is your concern. Divine riders don’t use atlas glory for leveling.


Sorry what rewards are we talking about?


Was there any mention of the defense of high leveled players being fixed. I saw that chaos runes should work on aibrean if I’m correct.


@Gox1201 Hmm…this looks to have been something we fixed on the test server before deployment to live. Sorry for the confusion, just a bugfix or a bug that never made it out the gate this time.


thanks for the response that had nothing to do with my question. I know how glory is earned and i know season riders don’t need it. My question was whether this was an additional way to earn glory for riders.


I’m quite excited about the Rider Missions.

I know that it’s something that i suggested a LONG time ago (with dragons, not riders, but same thing) based off the WoD expansion of World of Warcrafter followers & missions. Exciting to see how they developed it and the interface that we will be using to see missions and start/collect them.


I just want to make a prediction…this is going to be an absolute CLUSTERFUCK. So…assuming level 60 towers are a level 12 fort. Most teams have say, a level 6 fort. Level 30 towers? Alright there is an automatic 8-10:1 ratio right there.

So let’s say you have 1m troops in a garrison. At 8:1 you need 125,000 troops to kill that. At 7500 per hit because seriously…you are getting 5 flames on that NO MATTER WHAT. That comes out to roughly 17 attacks. If you send 10 players to do this, that means they each have to attack 2 times. So…you have roughly 6 minutes. You have 6 MINUTES or you are going to lose 1m troops, seriously?

You have the option to defend using your primarchs…great, except theyre 10 min away. AND I thought the whole point of defensive troops vs offensive was you use your personal to attack. Well, now you can’t because you HAVE to have them all on your primarchs ready to defend constantly because your garrison is going to last 6 minutes.

Because EVERY base is an easy kill there went any strategic value of which base to put where, being active…none of that matters because the base has no value. It is an HP bar punching bag. It also means you cannot afford to attack really because the second you leave EVERY island you own is super vulnerable.

I could be wrong, but this is how I see it playing out.

GPF Update - Test Builds Distributed!

Ok. Good points.

You were one of the main advocates for defensive troops. Now, we have them, but not in the manner you envisioned?

Your ideas have been pretty good. How do we fix this?


not to mention that the AI bases have always been notoriously bad.


Make the Marshall your “base” which you can defend. Probably make it where you cannot have the same marshall more than 1-2 times max. For the record, I have NEVER thought AI troops was a good idea…EVER.

The whole point is that you have strategic points you can defend in different manners, you just enfeebled everything and copy/pasted it on the whole map.


I whole hearted agree with panda. The idea if a ui base is a joke. I’m really not a fan. The marshal base would be awesome as it would alleviate 1 big player on a team holding every garrison. And it needs to be defendable


Why do updates always get released during the events why not just not have the event in the first place if a updates due ?


Literally ANY outcome is better than AI base undefended…basically its the invader base is what is stopping you from killing everything…




UPDATE: If you have all your primarch slots currently occupied by summoned primarchs you can swap one of them out for a different primarch type by the following steps.

  1. Select the primarch you want to replace
  2. Move that primarch to your home
  3. Tap the primarchs button and then tap the “Tech Tree” option.
  4. Select the primarch you want to summon from the tech tree and click “Summon”
  5. This will replace the primarch that you currently have selected at your home with the primarch type that you just selected to summon.
  6. The troops that were on the original primarch at your home will be swapped to the primarch that is being summoned once summoning is complete.


What happens if it’s a different troop cap? Like a 60k cap seiger to a 35k destroyer? Would the troops get destroyed or spill over into your garrison/inventory?

Props for such a quick turnaround on a solution.


educated guess would be that it returns those troops and transfer the maximum allowed.


Panda brings up every good point here. Prims are the only real defense left if we have an AI base (because AI bases are a joke, and absolute joke) which means that instead of encouraging players to attack, you’re forcing us to sit at home and defend with all our prims since we can actually defend those.

I am frustrated by this sudden loss of strategical thinking.


Summary: The most expensive 6 minutes of your life

@Panda I sometimes think your posts are weird, incoherent or just wrong, but there are times that you just nail it. This is one of those bullseyes, IMO.