Version 4.16 Release Notes


I agree but don’t tell him that he is right!! His ego is big enough as it is! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When both of you agree with me you know something is really broken…


Good idea… maybe a cooldown timer before same Marshall can be used again?

I also am surprised that defensive troops are now under AI control… didn’t get the sense that was the direction it was heading.


If the primarch has too many troops you shouldn’t be able to swap it to one with less of a cap unfortunately.


So Taunters can never be put away…


Castle shields still activate like they do know after losing so many troops.

The key is don’t leave bases undefended with no primarchs.


If they are largely full.


Baby steps


I honestly just want you to acknowledge that players who use a taunter will never be able to swap it for another primarch. I want you to acknowledge that you are forcing people either never use a taunter or always use a taunter.


so it is going to be the invader bases defending our garrisons? You can’t be serious?

Panda is right, this is going to be a clusterfuck.

crap, i agreed with Panda too


This is hilarious.:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


thanks folks good work!


Come on guys give us the 420 already haha :wink: :wink:


That is ridiculous. We should be able to defend our islands using bases that are actually worth a damn. Not some piece of crap AI base.


But Taunters are generally never put away. Everyone usually has 2 primarchs. One for attacking and he other for defending. I would expect everyone to have a tauter (if high lvl for their team) or rusher for defending PLUS a seiger or destroyer for attacking.


I leave a Taunter out for passive defending, and a Rusher. When we go attack someone, I put my Taunter away and get out my Sieger. Rusher + Sieger is much preferred for me than Taunter + Sieger. My point is that they are taking my choice away.


You just gonna have to unlock that third slot–before someone steals your gold.

But you need to be level 400.

So, NVM. :man_shrugging:


Do we at least get some notification when someone is hammering away at our team troops?


So…100k triggers a shield, at 7500 per hit. That is 14 attacks. So, 7 people do this with 2 attacks each. All you need to bubble ANY island on the map is 7-14 people and you have a 3-6 min window.

Oh, AND here is the kicker, you cannot revive these so…the only way to do it is glory So I need to go kill all my troops to try and restore something that I really cannot defend. Thus burning more of my “personal troops”.

Thank god this plan frees that up, I can attack with my personal troops freely now…actually no. That is the one thing you CANNOT afford to do. Good thinking.


I kind of feel like this defeats the entire purpose of castle troops. Was not the intent to free up
Personal troops to attack with? (Because currently battle is so costly that if you attacked you were too weakened)