Version 4.16 Release Notes


I thought this stuff was tested by the gpf. Oh that’s right they can’t discuss this stuff.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: This just keeps getting better.


Atlas doesn’t go through GPF FYI, atlas has their own group (I forgot what it’s called).

Edit: Earlybirds group


That’s even worse :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:.


Atlas has the Earlybirds group, of which the resulting release has a significant differences from the last discussed proposal. (Which was posted in the forums)

Also AI defense was raised as a concern multiple times.

I’m still excited about many of the upcoming changes.


Well it seems the early birds group missed the worm. I’m sure I’ll get to read more next week.


The proposal said we would get to choose a team base to defend the castle with all castle troops.
Now we‘re getting a damn AI base. They can‘t be serious?!


I can’t remember specifically but I think the AI discussion came up after the proposal was posted. Which was met with a lot of concern as you would expect. I would have preferred we chose a base also.


100% agreed. This is ridiculous.

It‘s exactly what I‘ve been saying in the original proposal which was even less ridiculous because it didn‘t have the AI base in it.

Exactly what‘s going to happen :man_facepalming:t3:


This was the early proposal before it was changed to AI-only. I don‘t know why it was changed, we surely did‘t vote for it.


Bases will be updated once PVP is unlocked to be designed after real bases that are well constructed.

We are also working on an update that allows the team to receive defense invites and be able to defend your team castle PVE bases as if they were a teammate.


Slightly better, thinking back to the trials makes me actually believe you understand what well built bases look like


Not Ready For Primetime.

This release is clearly premature. Abort please.


Sounds good, thanks for the update!

I hope the smaller bases will be tough short bases…
(Smaller aka. Anything below lvl12 fort AI bases :joy:)


So…currently we cannot even defend our team castle troops? I say again, you can’t be serious…


“Well constructed”, are you guys sure you know how to do this? They are STILL undefendable to start off with so…

Seriously…why not just make it your teammate then? I just do not get this, it feels like a super roundabout way to essentially end up with a MUCH less strategic version.

AND the good bases are going to be based on what level fort? Level 12? Level 6 is still level 30 towers…so NOT defendable.


Well that is a move in the right direction for castle defense @pgEcho , but it seems level 2 area (majority of land) will be basically undefendable at their max fort. Whereas level 5 land will be all but untouchable. I’m not saying level 5 should be easy but I though the point of his whole proposal was to give smaller teams a fighting chance??

Regarding the prime swapping update, I don’t understand why the excess troops couldn’t just go straight to barracks??
For that matter, why cant we choose the level of troops we want for each attack (or defence since castle guards won’t be effective for 80% of teams) by actually using our barracks to move troops around to different primes?


You do realize it is based on fort level? Not on island level, right?


Which is capped at 3 for tier 2 and 12 for tier 5 land. So using your earlier analogy of level 30 towers for tier 3 land (max level 6 fort), how much weaker do you propose will level 3 fort be?


I assume these bases won’t have research, atlas rider buffs, or any other kind of buff you would expect to see, even with maxed infrastructure?


The best part is they design bases in the now but how often does one single dragon release require people to rethink entire layouts. And why not let each team just use the marshal base and limit marshal to only one garrison.