Version 4.20 Release Notes


Feels good being ahead of the curve


I asked this in the other thread too but didn’t receive a response: Did you consult players, or the gameplayer faction, or anyone outside PG before arbitrarily implementing these changes to perches? So far this change seems very unpopular.


There was a thread in the Atlas forum back in February discussing these changes.


Added one more note to General that was just brought to my attention:

  • [Atlas] Accessing Atlas now requires a minimum player level of 25.


@PGEggToken Do the perch buff changes include dragon buffs or just rider gear buffs?


Push it out already I wanna war!


I went back to the thread from February and was not able to find information pertaining to perch changes specifically. Would you mind posting a link?

I am surprised that I might have missed this. I would have had a good deal to say about the proposed change that is suddenly becoming a reality.


If this is a repeated question, forgive me.
I could not find in forums if war or Pvp is disabled. If disabledwhen will war declarations gain be active?
This is regarding Atlas rollout .


Where most people go for information and discussion regarding perches, of course…




@PGEggToken if the perch is destroyed, does the bonuses go away? It doesn’t make sense to cover multiple island if it goes straight away.


So at no point did anyone think, “Oh, hey! This might be something the other 92% of players who don’t have Atlas would want to be aware of and/or chime in on, let’s move this discussion to a more relevant area of the forums…”?!


This is discussed in the 4.20 update announcement not just atlas people can see it




This appears to imply that the rider skill tree as well as the armor buffs will now apply to
These sections except production/construction/etc (as listed in other bulletpoint)

Can I get confirmation that yes the skill tree no longer applies to the entire base except for production and construction buffs?

Also, the normal perch abilities not related to riders, are these being extended as well? For example a mythic warrior buffs the HP of only the perch towers prior, is this now buffing this larger zone?

Are these changes consistent within main game combat and atlas combat?


Still waiting for Atlas. How much longer?


This thread was specifically discussing Rider Gear and not Perches. To my understanding, changes to Perches are related to Rider Gear buffs, but primarily to clarify the mechanics around Perches, which were not very clear beforehand.

No, they continue to buff their islands even after the perch is destroyed.

Perch position, post 4.20 Update
Totem destroyed = debuff disabled

What are you not patching too glitch in Night falls spell?
I’m only using 3x time cast in every match


Thank you for clarifying that.

Can you give us any more information on why the perches are being changed without any advance warning or player input?

Appreciate your replies, trying to keep it constructive, so thank you!


Does this apply to perches without riders?