Version 4.20 Release Notes


EggToken’s screenshot denotes the target audience for this feature adjustment.

But don’t worry, because


@PGEggToken time update well passed due??


No, thank you for keeping an open mind.

I think we’ve built a bit of an expectation on Atlas that almost everything put into the game is preceded by a “proposal” or “draft”. However, not everything in War Dragons is strictly based on player feedback only. We’re grateful for the input that’s sent our way when we do request it, but some features are developed internally––and whether people love it or hate it is another story. Examples are things like Events, seasons dragons, etc.

Perches is one of these examples because it’s taking into account the “bigger picture” of changes to a few other game systems that fit in with it. It remains to be seen how it will be received, and if it positively shifts the meta-game, so we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open in the coming months to assess how it works out as the rest of the things mentioned above roll out.


@Dan515 I don’t think we gave an actual time for when it’d be released, plus it’s partially on Apple’s end to fully deploy to all the App Store servers. Shouldn’t be long now.

@Gangster Wh…where can I buy that mug?


So just to be clear, these perch changes only occur for Atlas teams?


No, Perch changes are for all of War Dragons.


Thanks for the response. Was confused since you kept referring to atlas in reference to the perch changes. In the future might want to post changes to all of War Dragons in a non-Atlas forum post. So all of War Dragons can have a chance to respond or even see it if they aren’t stalking Atlas threads.


so buffs from dragons without riders (and without atlas) will also affect set of islands closest to dragon perch… Just to be 100% clear.


This is the Announcements Forum… I’ve made the same mistake, but I definitely get that it was a tad confusing on whether the Perch change was Atlas specific


He referenced that this was discussed previously and linked an Atlas thread…then again he referenced Atlas in response to a question as to why perches are being changed without notice or player input and he said:

So that’s why I asked. Not sure why the Atlas reference in there if this isn’t an Atlas thing.


Sorry if this was confusing. I had intended to restrict my example to Atlas because that is the place where it’s been most common for us to ask for a lot of feedback before a feature is made, and didn’t want to overgeneralize into the general War Dragons forum.

If you’re referring to dragon buffs, yes that should be the case as well.


Gotcha… I read that as referencing just the part about expectations on feedback there, but get the inference.


I don’t have Atlas so have to be sure, these things impact base building and we all know this company is the Lord of the Vague at times so better safe than sorry. But yeah, also linking the former discussion to an Atlas thread (aka something that is relevant to everybody and the announcement I guess went to just Atlas)


Can there be a way of Atlas team letting all of War Dragons know of things that affect everybody? It’s clear the Atlas team is way more on top of their game than the regular folks but these sort of things would be good to know for non-Atlas people (we can appreciate you guys too)


So, i don’t see it mentioned in the notes, but may have missed it… are the perches going to go up to Harbinger with this update?


Activating Improved daily login bonuses to reward better items for each consecutive day of logging in to War Dragons! This will be slowly rolled out to players to identify and resolve any issues early.

+cringes at the sound of PG saying slowly rolling out+

I’ll roll dice to see if I get atlas or daily consecutive item bonus before end of decade


So is this update coming out today like stated. Or are we just waiting to see if it happens tomorrow or the next day?


App Store delivers within 24 hours.


If you’re on the other side of the world, yes this is true.


Ok. That makes sense.

One last question for now, I promise! Since buffs to bases stay in effect after perch is destroyed, maybe the area of effect (aoe) a perch buffs could be chosen between the three available areas? There could be a penalty for choosing outside the perches " home" area. Also could keep the hard cap for base total boost, but seems like a way to help folks who feel like they’re getting nerfed.

Is this possible?