Version 4.20 Release Notes


So when you said stackable in the perch thread what did you exactly mean by that?


I had to login on my alt to post there :cold_sweat::weary:


Just updated… and still no Atlas… @pgEggToken @pgEcho




No Atlas here either! :grimacing:


Yep my intire team didn’t get it.


Nothing here either


Come on PG. what’s the deal?


Kudos for thinking outside the box, but wouldn’t this bring a lot more confusion as to how to use the Perches? Rider Gear stats are getting a little more generalized though, so that could help with the feeling that not all the towers you want buffed with a certain stat are getting the same benefit.


We updated but don’t have access to Atlas yet. :cry:


Now two mates have it, but we don’t yet we see the attack invites and can’t join.


Now one had it when she logged in… then went to do the update and it was gone… i presume that since you weren’t initially rolling them out together that they are separate and you just meant to time the Atlas push with the update, but let us know please …


Update is out for iOS


You want to explain the android update delay? Since you said apple had to do whatever… but you guys always leave out Google play


Seems like people aren’t getting gold/xp from invader. Likely linked to update. Already had Atlas previously

Edit: an un-updated Android has issues also so guess it’s not the app update


Like this?


Hey @


PGEggToken . Mailed you yesterday . Please check your mail as I really desperately need your help .


nice new update and the gold mine dont gives gold anymore goodjob :confused:


Egg Token: If a team has a player lower than 25, and otherwise could go to Atlas, does that mean the player has to be kicked or will the team not be accepted to Atlas?


Because Android is the Devil