Version 4.20 Release Notes


Its a display issue, doesn’t impact how much you actually get.

Is anyone here experiencing this on 4.20 or just on 4.16?


4.20 here


Teammates are reporting that bonus xp from infrastructure is not being applied. Display issue is with both 4.20 and 4.16


Blaze it :seedling::fire:

Sorry couldn’t help myself. I will go now


What are the different colors that deal with perch protection



Omfg been few months now but from this:

To this:

Yay!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!


You have roads between castles in the same region? :eyes:
I want that


Oh yes, we finally resolved most all of that pesky purple screen for android devices. :smiley:


@pgEcho is it ok that the new neutral lands are controlled by Kharnyx?

And for some players the tutorial was skipped somehow, Ash just told me Glad you have finished the tutorial hooray! :flushed: same with some other people.


Congratulations Axe :grinning:


I thought this might be a way to implement a design feature that is similar to what some people have been asking for, which is the ability to move perches. This seems simpler yet could be effective!


And with no tutorial I have no Primarch and no gold to hire him. Or I do something wrong? Same thing with no tutorial happened with some other teammates…


Close the game and re-open it.
The servers sometimes need a jolt.


Lol, after all those years in the game thats the first thing I do when there’s a problem, if not fixed, reinstall the game, if not fixed only then go to support :joy::joy::joy:

But in any case, spent 18 rubies, oh god, and got my first fighter…


Glad to hear that you found a work around.
They didn’t have the tutorial when I started, and I can’t remember if the first Primarch slot was locked by default, but since the only tangible way to get gold is with a Primarch, it seems odd that they haven’t provided a way for you to unlock the first slot.
(Before anyone calls me out, I we all know you can get gold by raiding other Atlas players in Main Game, but since there is no way to tell if, or how much gold the enemy has before the flight, it’s not a viable way to get your first 10k.)

I’m sure you’ve found the Atlas Quests by now. The number of Atlas quests is quite limited, but you’ll get more gold, rider gear, and other Atlas goodies.

Pro-Tip, decide which full set of gear you want first (Fire, Wind, etc.) before you do the Rider Gear Quest. You’re not given much opportunity to decide when it comes time to choose, so have your selection in mind. And like season rider gear, it’s not upgradable, so you’ll outgrow it in time.


Wtf?!? We only have ONE rider that has defensive skills AND NOW THEY DONT WORK BUT ON TWO ISLANDS !! WTF?!? Mess things up wont you, that is all that you seem to like to do… and now we can wait for an opportunity TO BUY a defensive rider, right??

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@pgEcho @PGEggToken
and as a special added hidden surprise… we’ve lowered the amount of gold you get from your mines… so now Not only do you have the pleasure of doing mindnumbing endless quest runs for crap prizes, but you also can enjoy doing almost 2x the amount of atlas runs to farm the gold you used to get. Stay tuned for more ways we will find to suck the life out of this game you all love.


If those buffs only affect the set of the islands closest to each dragon perch then those perches need to be relocated to the end of an affected area.
Because with this new update pepole will automatically gain a rage builder for attackers if they want to boost a certain area of their base with the perch.
Also will there be some compensation? High leveled up perches might be useless now, non-exisiting perches need to be built up, base layout need to be changed, runes need to be moved…
Hope someone was also thinking about the consequences this update brought along.


My understanding is that with your existing infrastructure you will get less gold, but you can now upgrade the infrastructure much higher than you could before, and once you do, you will get more than you got before…


Calm down… Lol…

Theres only 1 defensive rider for everyone you know, youre not at a disadvantage.
And you can put whatever dragon with whatever rider on there and the defensive gear will still work.
Also with the future gear update, the rider itself wont even matter much, its pretty much only the gear that will matter.