Version 4.20 Release Notes


The problem is here: the bonus is showing as zero when for us it should be 38%

@pgecho @PGEggToken


If you expected a few things not to break it. That’s on you :sunglasses:.


Sorry, i dont get it. Is this just the buff of the riders? I% yes…if the atc kills stonespear perch the buff is lost for the rest of this island?


Why slow rolled out ?? Should we wait that daily log in one year or never see it ???


Another question. There are regions where are 2 perchs for the whole island. Will those petchs which are not on the map still work or have an effect?


So, once again those of us without atlas basically get left out of changes. The Android update says it is for Atlas. What about those Android users outside of Atlas that have been begging for this fix because they essentially can’t play most of the time?


When I log into atlas on my Asus Zenpad 3s 10 I get a wonderful purple screen. How do I fix this?@pgecho


Why change it. It’s purple :joy::joy:
Joking. Good luck.




Does anyone has the lagging issue after updating to new version in IOS?


It doesn’t have any sign to become better after I performed it the whole afternoon lol, but my account used on Android System works well after this update.


Thank you for your help and understanding of the fact that these new things can be confusing


I don’t know if already answered, but I had a sudden enlightenment:
perch blob colors reflect the element they guard against!


Does anyone else not have an xp bonus from their gold mine any more? It is not just a visual glitch. I am level 110 and I got only 18.77k xp from the mine before elite bonus.


For #4: you give me an idea on what to do for my alt :grin:

Generally, I like the new changes for the Perches. :man_shrugging:


Yep. TOTALLY AS ALWAYS . Lag every where. That is satisfyingly within PGs standard.


Yes, there is a lot of lag in Atlas now in iOS after the update…


@PGEggToken with the changes to perches will dragon element resistance stack with totem resistance?


Never has


@pgEcho @PGEggToken

I’m also not getting the XP boost from gold mines as @EzAsh noted. The display is zero for both gold and XP; the gold pays out, but the XP is base XP without infrastructure bonus.