Version 4.20 Release Notes


@PGEggToken I’m very happy with the changes (will benefit longer bases) — but can you guys PLEASE give us the ability to somehow move perches ? I have all 3 but I wish I could put my level 45 perch where my level 20 perch currently is.

I’m sure if people had known something as major as thing was going to be implemented they would have laid out their base differently. As of now, perches are the only thing that are permanent / unmovable and it’s shaping up to be one of the most important things.

Thank you!






We don’t count :pensive:


I had same issue 3months ago, only after 4.20 did it fix my screen, I bit you good luck…


It’s broken again. Will PM screenshots


@pgEcho my team is having the same issue and it seems to be impacting multiple teams. A fix can’t be applied to all teams and has to be done one by one? How do we put our teams on this list?


Could somebody explain why there are different colours for the same perch areas? Does it show the dragon or perch level?

And I am curious: you said that the buff of a perch remains even if it is destroyed.
How about monuments? Do they loose the buffing effect for the area after its destruction?




That would make sense and fits to the shown picture. Will test it with my perches.
Cheers @gangster


Maybe i missed it in all the various posts, but for new teams just getting Atlas, they have some time to build troops before the closed off areas open up for conquering. But, if PVP is disabled, how do they get any GP for Castle Guards? Plus, with no PVP, won’t they all be flying around on level 2 Fighter primarchs?


It’s not really intended that everyone go from crawling to running on day 1.

But yes. The intent is supposed to be that there is ample level 2 land that enough will be available to go get some. And those who wish to take it should be others in the same situation.

If your whole team builds enough troops you have good odds of keeping new land, but if somehow you are unlucky and pick land that someone bigger is interested in, you probably won’t stand much of a chance.

Be aware of the land level, you don’t want to go for anything but level 2 lands. Make sure you aren’t in the direct path of a big team to access a
Major part of the map.

You may need to find other teams in similar situations and form alliances (or join one of the big ones) to get to land that isn’t directly on the safezone paths.

I know the “it was way worse” speech doesn’t ever make anyone happy about their situation, but previous teams could take anywhere from 2 weeks to months to get out of the safe zone. Don’t feel bad if you need to build in the safezone a bit.


It’s too freaking dark!!!


The update fixed the glitches alright. It ate the Atlas button!


No more atlas? No more atlas bugs :man_shrugging:t3:


So question - If the dragon is defeated on its perch, does it still give offense and defensive buffs towards the towers in its circle? Or do all buffs die with the dragon?


Buffs will exist even after perch is killed.


Wow!!! Atlas is like an entirely different game.


Right??? You have to semi strategize and think!


Bad Panda! Don’t share the secrets!

There are two rules for success:

  1. Never tell everything you know.