Version 4.20 Release Notes


Haha thanks for telling me the secret luffy. And thanks panda …will do!


I feel like this update overbalanced the defense. It really bothers me that many of the recent updates benefit players of Atlas. Everything goes to atlas, even the team quest rewards! What am I going to be doing with gold coins? Nothing
This atlas update has nerfed my dragons, and no longer feels fun.


Team quest rewards go towards the team chest… those “coins” have nothing to do with atlas


I am confused. Which coins do you refer to?
I understand that PG makes blunders but they introduced team quests and definitely made rewards better and quests doable in one week of feedback.
They do add to the stockpile a bit now with average to high participation.
I think the coins you are referring to are the coins which increase team quest points which leads to better rewards.


When in doubt…respond in a massively ignorant manner :smiley:

Should I get better at flying? No…my dragons are worse. Have you ever considered maybe the dragons are not poorly designed but it is more operator error than anything?


@PGEggToken I’m looking for clarification on direct assaults on an owned castle since the last two updates. Someone stated that you can no longer directly assault a castle if there are owner primarchs there even if there is no taunter or the taunter has been trapped, since the 4.16 & 4.20 updates. Is this true? I can’t find any mention of a change of that nature in the release notes.


You have to have more troops than any other primarch to do that, taunters and rushers also prevent that


:+1:. Good info.


Ah, that makes sense about the coins, thank you for clarifying


Hmm, nope I don’t consider it operator error. But thanks for trying to make me feel bad about voicing a concern…well done


And perhaps you are trying to be helpful, but no you are not. You are choosing to be holier than thou about it.

Maybe try helping instead of criticizing a players abilities without context. Others responded and were helpful, and polite.


Nope. I’m saying that dragons were not nerfed. You can check on that.


Not even poor Sage? :eyes:


Yeah thanks, forgot to say even with no taunter or a trapped taunter


I am wondering what is happening with the “improved” daily reward roll out. i know they said it would be slow, but I haven’t seen anything. Am I just missing it?


Hi! I was wondering why my team did not get atlas in the new role out. Sapphire 3. Just wondering


Perhaps this is a silly question.
At what subleague was your team during the enrollment?


Yes you needed to be in S3 at the time they decided on the teams for the rollout, not the day the rollout happened.


“Activating Improved daily login bonuses to reward better items for each consecutive day of logging in to War Dragons! This will be slowly rolled out to players to identify and resolve any issues early.”

Still curious about this. Is there an update on the roll out schedule? Are you only doing it for Diamond? So the strongest among us get stronger faster than the rest? Please update.

Thank you.


Being in D1 last week D2 this week i can confirm that Diamond leagues are not being singled out and given extras in this regard