Version 4.30 Release Notes


Now, with this new upgrade, my two builds who are level up work, resets two 30+ days.


Mine reset to 59 days :disappointed_relieved:


How did that first thing in the morning meeting go?

I’m making dinner now.


They’re still having it :eyes:



It’s 11:30 am over there so hopefully we hear from PG soon.


12:30 PM actually, you may have forgotten daylight savings in your conversion :nerd_face:


I didn’t forget it I just suck at counting apparently :joy: Morning is over then. Maybe after lunch break and an afternoon snack then.


I think we’ll see on Twitch the latest. I feel sorry for Crisis…


Afternoon tea, 3sies, dinner, supper, 11sies, midnight snack…


Pretty well. Crisis will be updating the thread with the results of the meeting.


Thank you because right now the games all jacked up :joy: more sync errors opening atlas to


Research timer went up by the same amount. Please look into that as well!


:thinking: Any word? I’ve been holding off on updating so I wouldn’t have to worry about my timers. Then I find we’re being forced to update now…


I just updated and timers didn’t increase.


Not sure if anyone else noticed, but passage was updated to 5 and crazy time on bazaar also fixed earlier today.


:crossed_fingers: going for it. Prepared screenshots earlier…


See you on the other side :wave:t3:


Forced me to update before I could get a screenshot, but I know that time was added to my builds.

“War Dragons - if it ain’t broke, it’s because we haven’t fixed it yet.”




Good Wednesday, everyone!

A couple of updates for you (and apologies for the slight delay, I just finished streaming):

Building Timer Issues from the 4.30 Update

The team is aware of a live issue where, if you were in the middle of creating or upgrading a building and upgraded the game to the latest version (4.30), the timers for these buildings have received added time. This largely comes from an issue related to research modifiers that decrease building upgrade time, which is something our team has determined will only be a one-off occurrence and should not happen after the 4.30 update is downloaded to the game.

That being said, now that we know exactly how it’s impacting players, we plan on distributing the added amount of time via an in-game gift of timers based on the buildings you were upgrading, max level of buildings you currently have in your base, the research you’ve already completed, and the breeding tier that you’re currently in. All of this will run on the back end and we will distribute timers to compensate for the added time once this query concludes. We’re also blocking 4.30 today, meaning if you have not upgraded yet, you must upgrade the game to continue playing. Once all of that is out of the way, we will distribute the timer gift tomorrow.

If the timers provided to you tomorrow are not accurate to the time added to your upgraded buildings, please let us know in this thread and we’ll be sure to take a look. Please keep in mind, this is just for building expedites, and all related feedback for this should be provided in the linked thread.

Chest Screen Update Delays

We ran into some unforeseen issues buried deep in the code of the Chest Screen updates that were meant to make their way to the game today. For that reason, we’ll be holding off on setting the new screens live until next week’s event, once we’ve cleared this issue. This will also include Drop Rate information, which will become available beginning next week.

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