Version 4.30 Release Notes


You mention the increase in build times but not research times? My current research went from 10 days to 17. Will this be included too?


Same. My research spike wasn’t as dramatic, but it went from 4 days to 6.


Uh huh :clap:@PGCrisis now how about research for research and incubation time decrease? Not me, personally, but I believe there’s issues reported about those as well.

@Lutrus got busy and didn’t do the deed when I said I was… looks like didn’t matter anyway.


How about sync error when upgrading?


Yes research was messed up as well. Will that be taken care of?


I’m sorry if I’m being dense, but would you please explain exactly what this means? Are you saying that the research to boost research and construction speed will no longer be valid?


Nope! I’m saying the cause of this issue was due to the research modifiers for decreasing building upgrade times, that’s all. All research boosts will continue to be valid. :slight_smile:

I have an ask out to the team on the research timer issues you’ve all noted above, as well. Once I have more info from the team, I’ll get back to you!


Please tell me that the problem WASN’T that you couldn’t convince Draco to reprise his previous chest-opening performance. :rofl:


@PGCrisis Incubation Speed research too I believe :dragon:


@PGCrisis Feedback about rune chests. Please keep them in glyph format as usually 2 rune and 1 glyph slot used by divines branch provided runes/glyph and only remains 2 empty glyph slot to be used for add on runes.


Game is crashing when trying to use white spells in attacks - so far impacting Ursa and Sage


Did further testing its dreadful roar causing the game to crash



Well…y’all got half ways there. It doesn’t stay grayed the remaining flight anymore if you press the button with less than 2 rage. BUT…now the spell doesn’t even activate, yet it still drains 1 rage bar away. :pensive:

Edit: Also I will point out that the issue with Apophet was not triggered by using Nightfall and Umbral (or any other spell) in too rapid of succession (that was only what it had appeared to some as being the trigger). The single trigger for the bug is/was an attempt to activate NF while rage is less than 2 bars.


I reported this Apophet but last night but it got overshadowed by the timer and sync error.

Same thing, under 2 rage apop nightfall does not do anything but use 1 rage. At least it doesn’t become disabled…


Yes we’re half way there at least. I edited my post to point out he has the incorrect diagnosis of the root cause written in the OP. Hopefully that’s not what they thought the cause was the whole time while debugging it. They did find part of the problem, though.


That is still being investigated, so no update.

Also being looked at.


How about this… any clarification…?


I found that the incubation speed didn’t change for me, but the build time on my storage hut got messed with. Ticket number 1164182 if you were interested. You can see in the screenshots that Chompa stayed at a 19 day incubation time before and after I updated the game.


The incubation time hasn’t changed in my case, either. Luckily as I was close to finishing constructions and research, so only 11 days extra was my reward.


At least i can build now, just wait and see if we really get any compensation or if we have to complain for that