Version 4.30 Release Notes


Really great if it all works!:+1:t2:


Does this apply to shielded islands specifically or all of Atlas? AKA You can’t Taunt in the NML zones during PVP events?


I have had app crash issues in my iPad mini 4 for whole last week. Please note I have NO ATLAS.
When I am in game, a black screen suddenly appears and takes me to my lock screen. It happened when I am just in the game chatting, during attack, and more often on end of attack display. No clue why that happens but I don’t see that bug fix in the list.
My game runs well on my iPad normally with full graphics but support suggests to remove all the graphic improvements like destructible boats , destruction animation, and all others. If I am going to play with such trivial graphics, who would consider my gameplay experience?
The image when app crashes looks as shown below:


My perch riders are getting no gp either


Was the crashing of atlas stated anywhere. I read and may have missed it.


Since you can‘t directly assign a rider to a perch, do you mean…

  • simply reassigning the dragon with the bonded rider to the perch?


  • taking off the dragon from the perch, bonding the defense rider to another dragon, rebond it to the initial perch dragon and then reassign that dragon with the rider back to the perch?


This fixed it for me.

I removed rider and dragon (together) from perch fully, then put back on perch and all was well. (No need to unbond the rider)

Unfortunately missed gp remains missing, but new gp worked.


Ugh almost got my hopes up.
Thanks anyways :+1:t2:


I haven’t had access to Atlas for 3 days now. I don’t see anywhere in the notes addressing this issue.


Just got an 4.24 update??


Why give a 4.30 notes when a 4.24 update is released? Unless it’s an update for the update again?


Sorry, I realize this note is a little ambiguous. It specifically means that those abilities won’t work/show as active on Primarchs that are stationed at a castle with an Event Shield active. If your Primarchs are in an NML or if the shield is manually deactivated, Primarch abilities will work normally once again. I believe this change was to prevent weird situations where an enemy Rusher could Trap you on your own castle while the shield was up (or something trolly along those lines).

@Luffy crash issues specific to your device are better handled through support where we can pull up your game state information and logs.

Yes, this. Sorry about the inaccurate messaging. I’ll fix that post.

Is it just you, or your whole team? If it’s just you, it’s something best checked via contacting support.

Minor update with non-critical things. v4.30 is scheduled for sometime next week.


Will they fix the glory imbalance? Can’t glory be based on player to player calculations rather than team to team?


@PGEggToken the update for Android is consuming lots of mobile data. please fix


This happens during every update, as it has to re-download various assets. It should flatten out in less than a day, assuming that you’ve been actively playing.


still happening :sob: my poor troops


We’re not on 4.30 yet :stuck_out_tongue:


lol what did this most recent update do then? :joy:

Never mind :see_no_evil:


I hope so. It’s all just my speculations, but I know actions are being considered to help this. I’m pretty sure glory scaling has a number of revisions ahead of it, but hopefully with each one an improved game.

What some think is balanced may actually be worse. (It seems when the lower end of the game feels balanced the top is not, and vice versa)

It is on player level, it just also is on team. Personally I don’t think taking the team bit out is good, but it’s obviously in a bad place right now.

Presently team and player are compounding on top of one another. I think I know why this was done, but I think it might have been too much.

Far too many players are joining smaller teams to get glory, which makes the team scaling pointless except for those who refuse to drop. Obviously any control which is bypassed more often than not will be a control that needs to be fixed or removed.


Why the exclamation point after “Bug Fixes” and “Performance Updates” in the stores if nothing important?

I consider bug fixes critical, top priority, and very important. Details please (for 4.24).