Version 4.30 Release Notes


I get you, but I think critical refers to changes that heavily impact a large part of the player base, such as a fix for something that locksymany players out of the game or release of new content for everyone.

Fixing bugs that don‘t heavily influence your daily gaming are most likely non-critical, but yet important.


Yes i did before typing here.
Support ticket #1150329
Now i got my final reply from support after i followed all the steps that this has no immediate solution and needs reporting to team.
I hope you look into issue.


I can’t wait 4.30 as 4.24 managed to worsen Atlas loading times. And the game crashes more often in general.


A few more Atlas Gameplay additions and Bug Fixes made it in before v4.30’s release next week. I’ve amended the existing notes to reflect them, but below are the additional notes added:



  • [Atlas] Governors who change teams will no longer take possession of the castles they govern with them.
  • [Atlas] Lockdown is no longer in effect when Event Shields are active.
  • [Atlas] Maximum teams allowed for Free Passage increased from 2 to 5.


  • [Atlas] Teams with Atlas access now also have access removed if the team is disbanded.

    This prevents players from taking up the name of a former team to gain Atlas access.



  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where attacking Castle Guards would sometimes result in an empty base.
  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where Blockades would persist until the game is relaunched even if the player is added to the Alliance that owns the castle.
  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where the Fort combat bonus would be added to teams granted with Safe Passage.


Oh yaaaay more atlas fixes!!! Oh wait. No. Most of us don’t have it still.




You said this made it in before the update. Do you mean made it into the update and will go live once released? Or live now?


he means that the bug fixes are added to the package for version 4.30

Since it is not yet released, they can still add a few more bug fixes or contents so long as it is on their schedule (deadline before it is converted into a game version and then sent to Apple and Google and have players update it)


Atlas, Atlas, Atlas, Atlas. How about this which I still haven’t seen anything about it in known bugs:


Lockdown no longer in effect whebpn event shields are active!

So if some asshole decided to park at my castle during the entire event , I can’t drop shield to kill him?!


You can always choose to drop your shields, but they can’t use their rusher while it’s up


I read this as if someone parks on your base during event shield time he doesn’t prevent you from hitting mines or depositing items to the bank. I read it as a benefit to prevent super high levels from camping on castles and screwing with teams just to be dicks.


You still can if you wanted to. This change just means you won’t have to anymore because he won’t prevent you from doing anything you normally would be able to do on your castle. Just as @mechengg said, you can attack mines, make transfers, summon Primarchs, etc. as you wish even with an enemy sitting there. Of course, you could, and probably should kill them because once event shields drop, they’ll have vision of your castle though fog of war.


Is the update live? If not when can we expect it to go live?
Because I tried to attack mine when enemy primarch was at my castle. I couldn’t and it showed the usual message.


4.30, this Tuesday-Wednesday


Is this the update stopping war declarations at the moment (maintenance)?


Any chance we can get Haste removed from Bazaar? Given that the new travel function allows us to get just about anywhere quickly they really aren’t necessary.


Yes. Makes absolutely zero sense


It’ll be going away anyway in favor of chests :sob:


Any idea if and when you will be fixing the fact that tower buffs no longer increase defense and attack by 30%? Tower hps and attack damage no longer change when you add them.