Version 4.30 Release Notes


Lol, post blocked because I pointed out that out of 35 updates only 9 actually affect the main player base. Atlas this atlas that its starting to grind on those that STILL don’t have access oh which is the majority of the player base.


please fix this and the sync errors when clicking chests from the store screen please tired of roll backs


The volume of updates might be a sign of how glitchy, unstable, and unbalanced Atlas is, which might shed some light as to why most players don’t have it yet.


Sorry if I missed it but I can’t find it, is there an eta on this getting done?


Today-tomorrow for the 4.3


Wow…sigh. Thanks.


One more last-minute addition:



  • [Atlas] When castle upkeep expires, the team will lose control of their castle, but instead of losing all of their castle guards, 30% are lost and the remaining 70% of will be converted back into Team Glory.


Any estimated time when we can get atlas back?


A community member flagged your post as spam, which is why it is hidden. Makes sense––the same word 181 times isn’t very…helpful. +1 for gif usage though. :dodo:

It seems like your complaints are not about the release notes format, but of the proportion of them that are Atlas-related. Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do about that. The Atlas team is just doing a lot of things on their end, and the Dragons team is working on their own things (like events, seasons dragons, etc.). Previously, we had only posted Atlas-related notes to the Atlas sub-forum, but now that many more players have the feature, and many more will soon, we want to have all the changes in one place for visibility. If people have opinions on which format they prefer, let us know!


Has the ETA of this been narrowed down at all from today-tomorrow? Not trying to pester, just really sucks not knowing about this ahead of time lol


@PGEggToken @PGDave any eta ?soon? Later Today? tomorow?




I’m still new to the whole forums thing; I may have missed it but are they working on the issue where we lose our riders xp while trying to level them up but they actually don’t level? It’s happened twice to me and I’ve been told to look here but can’t find anything. I am sorry if this is on the wrong forum but I wasn’t sure where to post. Thank you.


Today, if you’re in California like us. Exact time depends on when the team finishes validating the update. We’re working on ways to speedup this process, but clearly that isn’t quite ready yet …

Atlas update notification

You counted every time he said atlas?


Before the update, I had 16 days to go on a storage hut upgrade. Now, it is 24 days. Is this a new undocumented feature?


Support informed me a week ago that the fact that the transfer button for transferring troops is missing will be addressed in next update. Is this not the case?


So for now, what happens if we craft while atlas is down? Will our points be contributed once its back up? Yall should know better than to take atlas down during a crafting even, shame on yall lol



My Storage Hut upgrade has jumped too. I’ve submitted a ticket.


Also here … storage was 28 or 29 and now 35days
Another tower was 8 days and now is 13 days