Version 4.30 Release Notes


So did mine… I did a screenshot before the upgrade. I also seem to have lost the springveil theme… Don’t know if that was intentional or not :neutral_face:

Edit: My storage hut jumped from 17 days left to 25 days left :frowning:


That should be fixed. Is it still happening to you?


His post took up less space than ALL of the Atlas related fixes/changes, which affects less than what, 10% of the playerbase?

So who is spamming? Just saying.

And, imo, 2 seperate release notes should be posted, one with Atlas, one without, both in Announcements. That way, those of us without the Precious, dont have to weed through 1,647,345 Atlas fixes to find the 7 that affects the rest of the game.

Just saying.

*Edit, might want to tell your non Atlas coworkers to up their game and release some fixes…before players start releasing…


Check atlas notification thread.


@PGJared Update 4.30 seems to have reset the countdown timers on all infrastructure upgrades, globally. Please check.


I think it only affected those with Atlas. Didnt affect my storage in progress :man_shrugging:


I submitted a ticket for the added wait time for the storage hut upgrade and support is asking me for the date and time I started the upgrade. How am I going to remember that?


I don’t have Atlas and it messed with mine :expressionless:


Lol, best guess for me is sometime during last fortifcation event :laughing: Don’t know which day I started it though. Could have been Saturday, Sunday, or Monday :laughing: though I’m leaning towards it being Sunday.


Maybe it did then :man_shrugging:

Rats, there went the ONE good thing to happen by not having Atlas! Thanks for ruining it for me!


What, you didnt realize you were supposed to keep a log of EVERYTHING you do ingame? Seriously, its a thing.


Has anyone who updated got Atlas back ?


I havent and i updated to 4.30 already.


submit a ticket since you have the before and after. That might be useful for their investigation


You made me scroll for what felt like eternity, for this…

Shame on you as well sir


Did that :+1:t3:


So is it ios users who have been updated already? No update in play store. I don’t really care unless it’s restoring atlas access


iOS is indeed out but no Atlas access


Android update is not out yet. Sigh…


Sigh indeed

There is this tho…

Lmao this is completely wrong update^ my bad