Version 4.30 Release Notes


Not sure I want it anymore.


I was initially told when they fixed it; they would replace my missing xp. So I haven’t tried much. I can’t easily get xp for my riders to attempt. I was SO happy when I was able to try and SO disappointed when it happened. I wanted to quit after the second time :sob:


Android update is available now


Can anyone else confirm that Apophet nightfall with less than 2 rage won’t activate?

Just did 2 runs and when I have more than 1 rage and hit nightfall NOTHING HAPPENS. Well, except that 1 rage disappears. Need more than 2 rage to actually get nightfall to activate.

This is On Android after update.


I can confirm that my build has restarted its timer lol


@pgcrisis, @pgjared @DragonPunch

This is not good. My buildings that are being upgraded have approximately 15 days added onto them after the update.
My storage had 10 days left and my incubator had 30. Now they have this:


My teammates updated the latest version and building time is significantly increased from 28 days to 45 days


@PGJared hi - My storage added 11days - ticket open ice added what looks like 11-12 days.

Please Tell support not to ask for a screen shot. That request is nonsense. Plus, since accounts are historically reviewed for cheating a screen shot isn’t necessary.


I saw this warning prior to updating so i took a before SS. Will see outcome in just a minute here


My main account went from 17-18 days on storage hut to 28 by updating.

P.S. I already submitted a ticket to log the issue formally.


It added 8 days to my storage build


Hopefully they can do a global fix because I don’t even know what I was upgrading let alone how much time was left


Hey all!

Thanks for sending these reports over - our team is aware of the timer issue and investigating now. This is very likely due to the update, so we will reconvene first thing tomorrow to determine the best course of action. Don’t worry - any upgraded buildings you see with time added to them will be resolved! :slight_smile:

New update increased my build time!
Construction time increased

Lol got jokes


So now that every update has maybe one or two global fixes and the rest being nothing but Atlas fixes…

Can we get some sort of heads up on the global roll out of Atlas?

Major updates every month for an aspect of the game only ~10% of players have is pretty freaking stupid.


Guess I will wait to update since I have tower finishing in 12 hours and I don’t want 33,333 days added to it


Thks and shocked to see construction cost went up and i have these phobia and want to convince myself that the release of fixes shall not affect one or another again.


I did not see this in the notes, but will this patch fix the constant logging in to the forums from the game?


@PGCrisis any eta for atlas release. Update is there with no atlas? Dave said would he today ca time its now 7? Anyone still working


might be delayed because someone may complain that they haven’t received the update, but their castle is being conquered or destroyed and losing troops.

Like other patch, they might wait for a few more hours until everyone is updated.