Version 4.30 Release Notes


Android users here, and the whale is gone :sob:


Will you be crediting speed ups for any buildings that would have ended prior to you fixing this?




Will this include research times? Both my buildings and research went up by 7 days


We are going to have a meeting first thing in the morning to discuss exactly what needs to be done to make this right.


Just curious, was the dark spring theme removed on purpose?


100 days in timers sounds like a fair deal to me :eyes:


This might be hot-fixable and not require an update. The issue ticket is “in-progress” right now.

Just like previous crafting events, points will still be counted.

I was posting relevant game information. If you read the notes carefully, all regular game notes are at the top, and all Atlas notes are tagged with [Atlas]. But sure, I’ll tell them that Jonesy wants to see more out of them.


@PGJared is atlas being released soon or we talkin tomorrow now @PGEggToken @PGDave


The last I heard it was going to be back up around 8pm-ish, which is right now. I’ll ask the team.





The android update is out.


Hopefully you’re also looking at buildings that have been reverted to their original build times or added hours to their build times. Please and thank you.


I. Need. My. Atlas… I’m having withdraws.


Current status is “being worked on”. We can’t give a 100% sure eta at this time.


Not only did it start the build time over on buildings under construction, it also removed the time bonus deduction from research


… there’s no time bonus reduction for having an elite count. You can build 2 buildings at once, but no reduction in the individual build times for having an elite.


Yeah, that’s not a thing. But we’re all in a similar boat at the end of the day.


Well from research then


Teams that disband will loose atlas access

Will new teams get added if this happens?