Version 4.30 Release Notes


lol agree with ya, I 've

written 6 reports to PG since May 10th this month, and it kinda pisses me off


Welp, all my timers reset too. I am not speeding up or building anything until PG resolves this issue.



And this? I thought last time I checked it’s supposed to be 24hrs


Yikes! I just did the math. You shouldn’t have to wait for 2.9 years in order for that feature to be available again :grimacing:

Edit: the app I used to calculate the time lied to me :frowning:@MareZ has it right below lol


106751991167300 days and 16h is actually 292 billion years :rofl:


Oh lol. Guess the app I used to calcualte it had a bit of an issue with the number I put in :sweat_smile:


Loool I bet.


Is the reason for the increased build times because research and rider buffs aren’t being applied? With my research and rider buff, my storage hut takes 29 days and some change. I logged on after updating and it is 34 days. Which is impossible with my current buffs.


It’s because PG sucks at QA/QC and somehow breaks multiple things with each update. It’s been a while since they broke this many things with one update so I am all nostalgic


Seems like every update that ends with a 0 offers catastrophic failure as a bullet point.


[Atlas] Maximum teams allowed for Free Passage increased from 2 to 5.

We have still Free Passage maxed at 2. When will it be increased to 5, or is it a glitch?


I have only 68 years left


wow awesome, you might even live long enough to see this going live! :joy:


I would be exactly 100 years old. :smiley:


I have to wait 292,271,023,045 years :joy:



Star date? :joy:


@Luffy if youre still having that issue,i had same problem finally got it fixed by logging out of game uninstalling game rebooting device then reinstalling

Also… tried to start an upgrade on a mill keep getting sync error have incoming attack cant join it to defend myself so now lose half my food which wouldve been used if i couldve started my stupid upgrade :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


@PGEggToken I think you forgot to add the Atlas bulletpoint where things would be even more delayed and laggy. Its those little extra bits added that lets everyone know you care.


Looool that’s epic. Thought it was that bad on my end


I’m wracking my brain trying to figure out what was being done with the code that would break upgrades, timers, research…

These seem the most likely culprits, but I still can’t figure out how you guys could jack up the code this much for those fixes…