Version 4.31 Release Notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords!

Version 4.31 is now live! This patch addresses a few bugs found in this week’s earlier v4.30 release. The details can be found below:


  • Fixed a visual display issue for our in-game promotions.

User Interface

  • Fixed a display issue with the updated Armory.



  • Fixed a bug with the Dreadful Roar causing the game to freeze and crash.

You’re pretty much done playing then. AFAIK, there’s no plan to roll out Atlas to Bronze, Silver, or Gold… ever.

Right now they’re working their way down. Each step down is a HUGE increase in capacity compared to the tier above, which creates problems with capacity and scalability that PG has to plan for, work out and implement. It’s not as simple as upgrading to a really beefy server.


have to take screenshots of all my rss and build times before I upgrade :joy::joy::joy:

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Maybe we could also get a list of bugs and glitches we could be encoountering with this update :man_shrugging:?

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Theyre trying to fix stuff. Dont be downers and lets keep it positive :sweat_smile:

Look Spell NightFalls in Apophet again… When Apophet only having 1 rage, Nightfalls spell is cannot effacted. Why you not the Change to 2 rage bar?

Does this mean new armoury is live? Because the current armoury is old and i don’t see any visual changes.


Yes, you right luffy… and Still glitch in Apophets Spell

Where’s the bug fix for my lost whale friend :whale2:? My seas are still empty and sad.

Posting with OP’s permission, as there’s no way I’m this creative:

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Support Reply

OP Reply


@PGLost&FoundDept can we please hang these up in the front window of the new armory?


These kinds of replies basically let them off the hook for this nightmare they call Atlas.

I’m not sure if you are aware but a lot of games very often will have expansions as big or even bigger then Atlas and they are immediately equipped to hold the games players. Sometimes games with double the players WD has.
It has nothing to do with Atlas and everything to do with the great minds behind Atlas :roll_eyes:

They cannot stop cheating or they just do not want to!
Old bugs/glitches from a year ago remain still.
Atlas rollouts have been a disaster.
Honestly they probably are just not capable!

But let them hear about a way to get ONE free runic chests every several weeks they stop that immediately lol

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