Version 4.31 ruined the bounty harbor

I used to like my bounty harbor. When I started the game, it gave me very little, but after a year of playing I was now getting 360 rubies or egg tokens for the first checkin of the day. Then came version 4.31.

The day after I updated, the first check-in awarded me 6 rubies and 6 one minute timers. I filed a ticket with support, and after going around with them for a bit, they basically just said it was tough luck, live with it. They did not give any reason whatsoever for it being reset. I am not sure who to @, but is there anyone who can give me more information as to why it was reset, and if there is any way to get it back to giving me nice rewards?

Sometimes i get 60 rubies or some consumable death gaze or 30 egg tokens but today was the best if them all :joy::joy::joy: : i got 12 self destruct consumables :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


360 eggs or rubies? If my first check in of the day is rubies or eggs it gives me 30. Wtf?


I got 6 stoneskin shields for my first check in a few days ago. I was stoked…

That seems like a lot, maybe he was part of the daily log in rewards experiment or w.e?

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It took a long time for it to reach that level. The rewards seem to get better over time. However, something happened that reset it to day 1 basically.

Been playing about a year and it hasn’t improved with time. I didn’t even know it getting better was a thing?


Same. It’s sh!tty enough for me that I end up forgetting about it sometimes :no_mouth: :t_rex:

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I don’t know, then. But it is a real disappointment to go from 360 rubies to 15 for the first check in of the day award.

I don’t know who to tag but I’d certainly like an explanation as to why the rewards so drastically differ from player to player. 360 a day is over 10k a month compared to less than 1k a month for me. But yes, I’d be disappointed if I were you, too.


It was great, and I am convinced it really helped me get to where I did in the spring season. Also it would give me 360 egg tokens instead on occasion, which was also very fine indeed. Normal awards after the first check in were 120 rubies, 120 egg tokens, or speed-ups, which I do not remember their quantity.

It’s most definitely A/B testing for players. I also believe that PG also actually confirmed they do A/B testing with the bounty harbor


I wouldn’t mind being in group B for a bit… 30 rubies or tokens are not very exciting…

I just wish they had not stopped it :see_no_evil:. Oh well, at least I had it while it lasted. It must have been helping me too much or something :man_shrugging:

I got 400 rubies one fine day.
And that’s about it.

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While I’m happy for the players that get these types of rewards, this is pretty infuriating. Normal rewards for me are terrible consumable spells like evasion and stoneskin, a wood or food pack that I assume is a pitiful amount, a single defense item, 15 rubies or eggs, or 8 rubies and 8 eggs at the same time.


Don’t worry, Cheeky, the rewards I get are extremely lack luster too :laughing:

In another thread, that I don’t have the energy to search for, Jared said bounty harbor (really, any part of the game) may be subject to A/B testing.

Time has nothing to do with what the harbor gives you. If I get 30 rubies, that is unusual and about the best I ever get.

My best guess is that the OP was part of a test group, and that particular test has either ended or the group composition has been changed.


Op can be glad he didnt go on holiday for 2 weeks, since his first collection would probably have been an auto ban then…

the “auto scripts” dont seem to compensate for AB testing

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I got 100 rubies a while ago… I wondered what was wrong. My first one today was 3 ballista resists :woman_facepalming:t2:

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