Version 4.31 ruined the bounty harbor


Yesterday one of my claims was literally the number “0” (not a joke) lol


Did you get a screenshot? :joy: :t_rex:


I’ve gotten the 0 before. Too fast to SS… But support told me I got 10 rubies. So… OK. Not worth fighting over.


I’ve gotten the 0 with an item before, like 0 rubies or 0 eggs and support confirms I got stuff, too. The straight “0” with no item identifier next to it was pretty funny though. I didn’t even bother with support this time, I probably don’t even want to know what I got :see_no_evil:


The other day I was shocked when I got 70 rubies and 200 tokens + some consumable I cant remember. I usually go between 6 and 30 rubies OR tokens. But never both or with such a high number.


I got a +1 stoneskin shield yesterday :slight_smile:


My best drop was 30 rubies :heart_eyes:


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