Version 4.35 Release Notes

Greetings, Dragon Lords! Update v4.35 addresses a few bugs and will be preparing for the new Season. Read on for more details!


  • Updated App icon



  • [Atlas] Fixed the “Failed to set up Atlas” error when loading Atlas.
  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue in which rider glory for defensive riders on perches didn’t update dynamically.


  • Added Diamonds to Atlas in order to function under our recently updated security systems within the game.
    • Taking the place of Rubies as the main currency for purchasing additional Gold, Infrastructure upgrades, Bullhorns, and Glory in Atlas.
    • Will be available in Event prizing (starting with Troop Training event on Thursday, June 7th) and in Packs from the Store.
    • Diamonds and Rubies are not convertible at this time, but any existing Rubies you have still work the same way in the main game.


We’ve recently announced a number of mechanics changes to Atlas that will all be completed with v4.35’s release. If you are an Atlas player and missed the post, feel free to visit it here in the June Atlas Mechanics Patch thread.



I hope this works :eyes:

Idk what I think about diamonds. I would hope it helps with the cheating but not keen on having another currency :confused:


When’s the update expected to roll out?

@Nickzup8, my question is what are the expected bugs, glitches and mishaps on these update :joy::joy::joy:

Hi Bug! :slight_smile: and at least they say it will fix loading issue

So we need to update which will invariably cause issues and the ONLY thing for us peons without atlas is a change to the app icon?? :roll_eyes:


Another in game currency? Seriously? I can’t tell if you are joking or just that dumb.


I’m more concerned about this. Again!? We just had one!

(yes yes I know the new rotation. But doesn’t mean I gotta like it)

Can it be? That after all this time you guys got a foolproof system? Did you guys hire an ethical hacker(s) to help fix all the weaknesses in the coding? If you didn’t then I recommend hiring one, they always do a fantastic job!:+1:

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Its actually a long overdue and very good change.

Atlas is vastly more secure than the main game, and this would be magnitudes harder for the hackers to get at. Thus less troop cheats, less infra cheats etc


I agree. So instead of buying a value pack, getting some chests, and using some rubies for atlas I need to buy 2 packs now. What a fucking monetizing joke. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong.


A little short term pain while they fix loopholes in the main game. Hopefully in time the two will merge and you only need to buy one!

In any case atlas packs are completely separate now anyway.

As someone who’s E2P, this will make it significantly more difficult for me to keep up in Atlas events… UNLESS diamonds are given at a comparable rate to rubies in the main game.

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Rubies still buy gold though. I’m not talking shards. And rubies buy atlas chests.

Are they fixing loopholes in the game? Seems like a giant assumption. They always say that and let blatant cheaters run rampant. I’m not sure how hacking rubies or diamonds is much different. As a legit player, they introduced a new currency with less than 24 hours notice and on the surface that seems like more monetizing to me.

Again, I may be proven wrong and this may fix shit. But on the surface, adding another ruby type currency is a cash grab.


Have you not seen all the threads and documented evidence of hacking in Atlas? It’s just as bad if not worse than the regular game.

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That, my friend, is 100% legitimately true

At least give us a chance to convert some rubies to diamonds…even if there’s a cap…some ppl bought rubies specifically for Atlas

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