Version 4.38 Release Notes

Yeah. You must open one free before use keystones

Um, seriously? You’re removing our only true source of free Atlas RSS and replacing it with NOTHING?
(And the promise that it won’t necessarily be that way forever)
People say that PG is moving everything to Pay to Play but this is so blatant…
Guess I can forget about seeing Rider Shards ever again.
Except for the 1 or 2 I might reach in the event rewards if I get lucky and/or blow everything on one event.
Really disappointed and disillusioned with this move.


So you don’t know how much gold you holding
Are you holding it ?:eyes::eyes::eyes:

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@PGEggToken just to be certain, if I have roughly 2 mil gp on my seiger if it showed as xp does on a maxed dragons. Will I be able to use this for the new tier to upgrade my primarch to the next tier.


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Here is what the wind told me (technically, it said only the first and last numbers… I filled in the rest, assuming a constant rate of increase over 19 levels):

Level Silver Primes Gold Cost Per Level
Unlock 7,310,000
2 8,188,421
3 9,066,842
4 9,945,263
5 10,823,684
6 11,702,105
7 12,580,526
8 13,458,947
9 14,337,368
10 15,215,789
11 16,094,211
12 16,972,632
13 17,851,053
14 18,729,474
15 19,607,895
16 20,486,316
17 21,364,737
18 22,243,158
19 23,121,579
20 24,000,000

Also, subject to change until announced, or after, sometimes (just like the above numbers), each silver ☆ and silver ☆☆ requires a set of two from the immediately preceding tier (so, yep…gotta get that destroyer and taunter to 15,).

Now… I really hope that what I was able to see is just a case of PG using an incorrect value to “throw people off” (you know, all three(?) of us that do what I do).

But for now, I have no good reason to think that.

As for adjusting costs down… Well, has that happened for any dragon (or tower) because a better tier was made?

Draw your own conclusions there.

I was not able to find the glory requirements.

My general advice would be that, unless gold is flowing like water and hats regen at a rate that allows for at least 50k-75k to be revived in a day or so (36 hours tops, for the full amount to be “ready for action” and.not still cooking), as long as you have a.bronze of any kind to level for the event, do not get silver.

Your *weaker" prime will actually protect you from catastrophic troop loss (also, don’t be an idiot and carry around full primes). Once you have nothing to level, I don’t think you have an option. But you can choose when to use what tier (you know, don’t attack HRV, since his will be max level and have the seasonal boost).

Honestly, if you can’t expert Vanguards when they are released, what does it matter? As we have discussed elsewhere, once you hit 300, if you’re not a pretty big spender (or a fraud), the leveling all but stops. I’m well into the 300s now on my (almost completely) E2P account. And I’m in D1. I still struggle. I cannot max my harbinger dragons, and Vanguard will be here soon. I’m falling behind those who choose to spend more. At the current rate, it is at most a year before I am as irrelevant a team asset as someone still in Obsidian is today (because armor and 65s).

Anyway… Happy weekend. I hope the costs are wrong, but they have been at this exact level for some time.


Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see anything about new troop building and revive numbers? So we can loose like 35k troops in one fight with the new rusher and then take 3 days of grinding gold to just get those troops back for one battle? Or if we are really low on troops we can grind gold for 2 week just to have enough for 1 battle?



After the complete rest of the game is already unbalanced, you are throwing yet another even more unbalanced thing into the game?!? Seriously :flushed:

Great job well done!!

Just in case this got lost. Sarcasm off…


Well I used my keystones while I had a set that wasn’t too bad. Can’t wait to regret that

So we’re as little as 48 hours from removal of the bazaar and you don’t have details on what’s going to happen with the currency being phased out…

Again— timelines. This close to a release everyone communicating with the customers should know and be able to state clearly what is happening.


I think the person who knows the answer for sure is on vacation (seriously).

Hopeful we can get an answer before it goes live. I have only a few hundred left… But I know people who have thousands still.

Or better…

let’s keep the bazaar!


Yeah but they don’t even need to hack-it’s ready to be exploited :speak_no_evil::sweat_smile:
That’s why I called it legit hack
And let’s be honest,ppl knows clearly how to do it and abusing it
I saw sapphire Corth,attacking our lvl 350+
I doubt that he expected for miracle :joy_cat:
We all hope that it will be solved
Because rn I can’t see any point in lvling Base,which won’t function as it supposed

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The bazaar was an improvement from the player side…so naturally it is one of the first things to go.


It was also stated that keystones would be converted to Atlas chests. So I have been holding off using keystones to get atlas chests unless I get a really great draw. So it would be nice to know the conversion rate or if we are going to lose them if we need to blow them all.

I have to say it’s great to see the devs working to fix the issues the playerbase really care about. I mean the number of people on here screaming that they need the bazaar gone and just want to buy more atlas chest (no percentages displayed obviously).

Seriously why are atlas chests even a thing? Why do you insist on taking away a well loved feature (first removing the ability to get keystones then the whole system) to replace with one that no-one wants?

Was it just to point out you can do whatever you want regardless of the playerbase desire?


@PGEggToken what about egg token missions using spells for dragons that are on Atlas quests?

And the glitch where you can’t swap out your 3rd dragon to end flying early?

@pgEcho will you be raising the cap for dead troops? I’m lvl 195, I think, my cap is 62.8k which means I couldn’t do 2 full attacks if I was matched with a Silver 2 star and if I was a silver 2 star. In addition, 45k troops is a lot, will you be revising the troop cost? Just to be clear, when I say revising I mean lower not raising. :grin:

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most likely going to be used when attacking castle guards.

The lower prim level will count, so no worries if you are low and a big Silver is coming your way, you will loose according to your lower prim.

Be careful what you ask the PG genii for… They could very easily lower the cost but make gold more difficult to find, or leave hat regen at the present speed. Or they could have an “event elite” (so, you pay to PLAY) that gives all the wonderful perks we all want, but now it’s an extra $9.99 per week.

So, as part of NORMAL (not purchased) gameplay, I would say that

  1. Troops should cost less gold and take less time,
  2. Total possible hats that can accumulate should be scaled up (8k hats lets you revive 4k troops (or 5k if you throw in one horn), you can (right now) lose 87.5% more than that in a single battle (or 50% more if you have the horns). Hats you can “stockpile” should be at least equal to what you can lose in a single battle (without throwing in a horn). So, either the ratio of hats to troops should be such that more troops (specifically, 7,500 now, or 30,000 or 45,000 in the future) can come from the same number of hats, or enough hats should be available that you can, in each set, revive a one full battle loss (at a minimum).
  3. Hats should regenerate more quickly.
  4. Troops should cost less gold.
  5. Glory should not be made any worse.
  6. Event prizes, which are already spectacularly difficult to achieve, should NOT have point requirements increases, and the rewards need to be better.
  7. These features should not be part of any additional purchase.

Did I miss anything? (I’m sure PG can find something I missed).


  1. Total troops that can be revived should be no less than whatever the largest primach “fleet” can be.