Version 4.39 Release Notes


Greetings, Dragon Lords! v4.39 of War Dragons is a minor update that fixes several Atlas crashes from v4.38. No maintenance downtime will be necessary for this update. Read on for more details!



  • [Atlas] Fixed a tutorial crash that would occur when the player tried to select a PvP castle before completing the summon Primarch step.

  • [Atlas] Fixed a crash that would occur when moving from Atlas to the main game before all loading was complete.

  • [Atlas] Fixed a common Atlas crash.



whens that big update


Hope all these crashes get fixed . Atlas has been crashing too many times recently


Yes, so do I… And it has been a nightmare indeed.


I’m assuming everyone including non atlas people will be forced to update so the important people get the bugs fixed in their game?


You made me laugh… :joy::joy::joy:

I have atlas.
I don’t feel any more important than you for example
The above mentioned update is still not available on Google Play, and it’s Wednesday midday.


STILL getting egg missions to use spells on dragons that are on Atlas missions. Really annoying. @PGEggToken


@PGEggToken token when can Android expect this update?


There will be none. When the major update 4.40 comes out, we will get it.


Будут ли добавлены новые команды в атлас?


Is it just me or does it seem like every update is all about atlas? Can we maybe start getting some of the main game issues addressed since that impacts everyone and stop worrying so much about atlas?


@PGEggToken @PGCrisis @Arelyna
Android update not available yet but game is not letting me in. Says I need to update.


We’re looking into the issue with players not seeing the update on Android.


Please hurry. Missing the Atlas Elite days and feeding event.


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