Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread

Dragon Lords,

Please use this thread to discuss and/or ask questions about the Version 4.80 Release Notes. The actual notes will remain locked to make it easier to see changes by staff or updates.


Since the egg token issue is fixed, can we expect compensation to be coming soon? @Arelyna


@Zikiru, once we can confirm that we are no longer seeing any cases of this still occurring, then we will work on compensation for the issue.

The centralized banking system sounds amazing, this will be sooo much more convenient. Love the giant transfer size too!


50 or 20?

Does bank level not matter?

Same as above. Also, does max transfer refer to the maximum amount for a single transfer? Dumb question but worth clarifying, just in case.

Edit to add:

Does this mean that a governor on one castle can now upgrade any castle?

@Arelyna What’s the planned release date for this one? Before the next event?

Oct 9 per

  • wars should be blocked

Can you guys explain why you’re fixing something that’s not broken

You’re getting rid of people’s ability to manage their own castles and set 100% or 0% as they please

You’re creating more potential for chaos by giving ALL bankers and governors access, potentially messing people over. ESPECIALLY during pve events… one fucker can take up all the wood and food

You’re making it so we need to defend the hell out of lvl 2s or we’ll lose gold

I hope I’m misreading this or that you’ll make changes because what the crap guys

Let us manage our castles individually as we please smh this change is only good for smaller teams that have tax evaders and less individuality for castles


I dont comment here a lot, but let me get this straight. You are complaining that they now make it easier to make sure people cannot evade taxes, one of the biggest issues for all growing teams.

If you set someone as a governer or a banker, I would assume you trust that person to not be stealing or hoarding the resources.

I quite enjoy the gold takeover change, will make it worthwhile for people to defend everything now. I never really understood the 1 player 1 castle ideal in a team game.


Oh wow, so losing any castle loses you 10% of all of the gold in all of your banks.

Well, that’s uh, nice and all, for whoever takes your castle.

So what you’ve done is made it absurdly stupid to own castles that you can’t protect, around the clock, 24/7 (meaning if you and/or your teammates have an actual life outside of WarDragons and, specifically, Atlas, this isn’t the game for you anymore, right?) if I can hold a combined 100 million gold, 10 mil of it is gone if a team takes even our lowest castle, that may not even have a bank. Wow. Way to go :man_facepalming:


One castle per person or couple of people takes a lot of the burden of tracking rss off the officers. I used to keep a spreadsheet of all the gold and stuff for the whole team and it was a massive pain


I have a feeling this is one of those “be careful what you ask for” scenarios.

The community wanted a centralized banking system, the only way to do that (in PG programming language) was to centralize losses as well.

So, you got what you asked for from the one hand, while the other hand is busy taking away your hard earned gold and resources.


Ain’t that always the way?


@Arelyna For clarification … the central bank is in addition to the castle banks? Not replacing them?

Also, being able to make a universal team wide tax is very convenient … but from a QoL standpoint, it is so very useful to set also set individual castle taxes to 100 or 0 to facilitate farming. You can hold much more gold than it is possible to transfer out if you are getting hit or are trying to help with an upgrade. So is setting the universal one the only way to do it now? Or can they still be set individually as well? I think I know the answer to this question, but …

Sounds like the central bank is just a UI that encompasses all of the individual banks, as one. (No more having to transfer from bank to bank to fund upgrades, etc)
And it also sounds like there’s 1 tax rate, period.


My first reaction reading the release notes was “whoa :exploding_head:”

Any chance you could make a friendly video detailing the Atlas changes?

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@Arelyna can I make the suggestion, that you make it so only officers can withdraw from the bank as a whole, any member is able to take out what they put in and send to whoever they like. There is also a global ledger at all banks that reflects the same amounts. This would make it easier for the team as a whole, and only officers would be able to abuse it, compared to the entire team. The current options seem dire, and you can put all of your rss into your own bank and anyone can take it according to what i understand. If I am wrong could it please be explained better, because this is the impression everyone seems to be getting. Thank you and i eagerly await your response.


So, this means we can no longer give away castles to other teams by letting them conquer them? Because we will lose 10% of all of our gold? That sucks if I am understanding this correctly, considering you can only swap castles with the teams in your official alliance.


I agree with Jeff. Can we get some clarification on “players can access”. The last thing a team needs is a selfish new player who joins, raids your banks and leaves. The current design of requiring officers to handle transfers should be kept.


Likely, just all your transfers to any bank will be sent to central bank - such kind of access. And you can see the total.