Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread


@Arelyna, what about Android users?


Im android too, and im still waiting. It sucks, but hopefully they get everything fixed and learn better for future. Also theres a job opening if you think you can do better


How about as compensation PG returns the hat regeneration rate back to where it was? I won’t bitch another time in this thread if you can do that…


Will there be some sort of compensation for this delay? it isn’t exactly fair anymore considering IOS players have atlas access and we dont


I’ll say it again in case some missed…I dont care about the lost atlas time as long as everyone loses the atlas time it doesn’t bother me that atlas season will be delayed and that I have not made 12k troops or so during the outage. What does bother me is that the IOS players who I have to compete with…now have more troops…more gold…more leveled primes…more mission eggs…more shards…more glory…more atlas prizes.

Why is it crazy to recommend closing atlas down completely and then reopening it up to everyone when it’s truly ready?


I care about lost time when it comes down to it I am paying a little less than a dollar a day, and when I pay for something no matter how low the cost expect to get it.


I hear you Oath…but I have faith that in the end we will receive the elite time that we paid for…temporary set back. However…the android players will never make up the time versus the iOS players. That will be a permanent set back


To be clear I agree with the shutting down atlas, but I also hate it because then at least some of my officers are able to transfer resources out to players for the event. So it’s a loose loose.


6 more hours until PG closes up shop for the night. (Currently 5:30pm in San Francisco) Hope we hear something before then. If it goes past that I’m popping my sim and downgrading from my pixel 2xl to my iphone 6 tomorrow.


Agree completely, it is utterly ridiculous that as android users we are penalized. While I am happy at least some of my team can bank rss, I can’t do anything. But, troop training is going to start tomorrow right after current event ends, and we will still be screwed.


I would GLADLY pay 20 bucks a month for the pre-nerf hat regen rate IF the hat cap was increased. Lost time problem solved and regen rate complaints solved, right? :t_rex:


Not everyone is losing time right now. Ios users are building troops, doing gold runs and android is stick sitting here


I know, I noticed there were several updates to Apple users about the status of their update. But apart from: the file was to big, assets are being removed, we have heard nothing else. They could at least have the decency to update us.


I’m sure not


my biggest concern right now, is what is going to happen to the atlas elite that has been purchased by Android users?

I’m now out 2 days and counting of atlas elite…


2h ago


Yes, definitely


Never mind the fact that they continually push updates on the start of rss intensive events every freaking time. Whats wrong with Tuesday, why always on event start day.


I agree with the other android users that it’s ridiculous that a scheduled version update wasn’t available on both platforms at the same time. If the update is ready for one platform and not the other then DON’T RELEASE THE VERSION UPDATE!!! Until you verify that you can release the version update on both platforms. Like other users have stated above that paid for a version of Atlas Elite it’s costing players valuable time missed from their usage of Atlas Elite. I hope that we get a reasonable amount of compensation for the delay. I paid for Atlas Elite and I would love to use it but I can’t thanks to this ridiculous delay in releasing the version update.


Read the in-game mails and forum responses… PvP has been disabled until further notice.