Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread


Apparently theres an issue with accounts being auto banned if too much res is transferred at once, even though its allowed by the update. @Arelyna @PGCrisis can yall have someone look at this please. Wasnt me but a few friends have mentioned it in last few minutes.


New Issue!!! Just updated WD to version 4.80, however the game crash at the log in screen. It gets to ‘preparing your base 50%…’ and shuts off.
I am on iphone 7 plus - iOS 12.0.1 system
PG can someone look into this issue, please.


Learn to type😜


I ran into the same issue.

I managed to solve it by uninstalling, turning the phone off and on, and then reinstalling. Don’t know if it’ll work for you, but it might be worth a shot.


I still can’t access to Atlas. What the hell is going on?


Is there a reason I can’t even respond on the forums now to atlas related threads lol. I’m droid so I don’t currently have atlas access but I am the leader of an atlas team…


Log into the forums from the game.


The game on this version always crash when I open the event scene
Please fix it , now I cannot enter to the ongoing event anymore

Ipad (4th Gen) - 2012
iOS - 10.3.3


I’m starting to get worried android won’t get the update today…I hope I’m wrong


I resigned to that when they last posted they we’re still working on it like 6+ hours ago


Work day is done they are home not worried about it.


I know it was mentioned that we will be compensated 15 hours of atlas elite. I’m hoping this has increased since then? So far, missing 2 days of atlas elite multipliers during a training even is pretty devastating. Not to mention all the troops that could of been training.


Think twice about updating with iOS. I just updated and cannot start the game. It continually crashes so I hope a fix is coming soon or at least a rollback.




Was this one of the “various Atlas crashes” that was supposed to be fixed? It ain’t fixed. :t_rex:


Wonder if android users will receive compensation for this mess. Voucher good for 1 free complete mythic line? That might help ease our pain and suffering


So, am I going to miss the troop event?


They updated the timing.


Thank you @AeanaeA. It worked. :grin:


I have a feeling the update still won’t be available at 11am tomorrow morning 🤦