Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread


So have iOS users been successful doing a reinstall this or is that just a suggestion


He asked about troops, not primarch/rider training :stuck_out_tongue: at least, I’d hope that it’s sorted by then :see_no_evil:


I’ve heard many positive responses on it


Lol, I finished prim before Atlas went down assuming I’d miss the res of it lol.


Honestly I feel the only fair and right thing is to give troops and shards to android players (and messed up iOS players) in addition to extending elite. Let’s just say my friend and I each had 50k troops when this started and he is on iOS. Well…tomorrow he has 65k troops and let’s just say 10k more of each shard.
Giving me just the atlas elite I paid for is never going to catch me up.

And I am sure everyone knows the relationship between troops–glory—atlas badges----atlas prizes.
Android is is permanently disadvantaged because of this. Small impact currently…gap widening hour by hour


LX has a thread started about this exact thing. :+1:


Proper compensation would include not only things players lost the opportunity on getting (troops, gold, shards) but also a bonus in good faith. It wouldn’t cost PG anything to throw 500 sigils at everyone as an apology.


Will android players receive compensation for lost tribute due to lengthy wait for updates


I’m sorry but I think more then “elite extension” is in order here… if you dont have elite your still missing out so that doesn’t compensate the players that dont even have it. So personally I dont think a hammer and a bronze chest is gonna cut it for compensation either.

EGG TOKENS need to be given in place of atlas egg bonus I’ve already missed out on over 2k myself, so start with that not to mention what I’m missing from my missions already.

Resources like wood packs and xp potions would be nice considering we cannt do xp runs on invader base and can’t access our lumber stores during fort event…

Timers and other atlas quest materials that we havnt been able to claim as well as something to compensate the troop lose as well is needed here.

I feel it you couldnt push it out to everyone you shouldnt allow it to be running for some and not all without proper compensation to those that can’t make troops, gold, or benefit from atlas events period!

just my opinion though I guess.


I don’t know if this has already been asked, but what is the point behind extending the current atlas event if no pvp exists, because while that is inactive you can’t go for glory and therefore can’t train riders or prims. Why not just scrap it and start the next event?


I have glory banked on my primarchs. I start one leveling at the beginning of the event and wait until the end to start another (gotta save as many timers as I can😉). If I had the ability to access Atlas, and the banks, I could level my 2nd primarch.


I had glory banked as well but I leveled everyone already, but still, if you have no access to atlas and I can’t get glory in atlas and it’s unlikely to change before the extended time runs out…just scrap it and keep the troop event as long as it normally is


So because I didn’t level mine in the beginning and don’t have an Apple device, I should miss out on those prizes? It should be extended at least until we can have an opportunity. Actually, the timer probably should have paused until everyone got back in but too late for that now. FWIW, I do not think the troop event should be shortened at all.


Yes I will agree with that. The whole thing should have been paused until everyone had access. Watching the counter go on and on and nothing can do to actually compete in the event.

Maybe, just maybe PG will give us…

Wait, never mind. Lol


When u guys update out for Android users? That’s not fair game that u realised update for iOS but not for Android users.
When u guys can’t out update both same time than why u Atlas down of android users.:smiling_imp:


I got 4.81 on my Android, but still no Atlas. What now? :cry:


Hey thanks skull … reinstall seems to get things running again.


I put in a ticket 12 hours ago because after I was finally able to update the game - the event loads to the first screen then goes black. I can’t do quests or get chests from the armory. So far no response from support nor has the issue been fixed.


Well I’m on 4.81 on Droid now and still no Atlas​:man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


Same here