Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread


Same here. About to submit a ticket. I knew this event would be messed up because of the update but this is beyond ridiculous. I have reinstalled and restarted to no avail


Me too


What did we get?


4.80 just pushed to Android, and tbh I’m terrified of it.


As far as I can tell absolutely nothing.


Reinstalled 3 times and still no Atlas. But it seems like we can join battles/defends now maybe


Holy shit Atlas is back


I was able to join after 2 attempts. Everything now seems to be working fine except Atlas.

Edit: My Atlas tab just appeared.


May I ask why do we have sams tax at neutral zone and our castles?
It’s a pain to build troops now.
I use to put 100% tax on island and switch my home to SafeZone few times in a day,when I need to build troops
Now it’s more tied to being on and I can’t do one run and start building anymore😑
Small teams with few islands affected as well
I’m in different time zone,then leadership and 90 % of the team
So I literally can’t get any gold with 100% tax
And it will hurt the team,if we will make tax in a different way(no one wants to be raided,while doing runs)
@pgEcho can you please explain the reason,while it’ve been done.
I can get same tax on all team islands,but why involve safe zone
Also,how ppl without lands gonna get gold?


I’m glad to see I am not the only one who sees through these changes for what they are…another disaster added to the game! Our team carefully manages our banks…our bankers were chosen specifically for the levels of castles they were assigned to, based on need and ability. And we chose to not have bankers on some castles to ensure we always had gold to pay upkeeps. And now any management for castles is GONE. ONe mistake can mean MILLIONS of a resource are LOST. One rogue player will be able to completely dessimate a team’s resources in Atlas. EVERY castle will have to be defended tooth and nail or you can risk losing ALL the gold your team has! This is a change that looks great when you first think about it…but as soon as you have to live with it you realize what a DISASTER it is! PG please back out this change immediately! We wanted central bank management, not a total and complete loss of control over our team banks! You will also be forcing teams to re-evaluate having bankers at all…it will be a huge risk to even have bankers now. And with people leaving the game left and right becuase they are sick and tired of the problems with the game, the last thing we need is to loose players over hurt feelings when we can no longer let them be bankers. We lost 2 people just this week because they are so fed up with the game. Stop with the 18 hour downtimes and changes WE DO NOT WANT! Fix the game and make us want to play it…not make us want to quit which is what is happpening now.


This bank change has now made it very costly to save a stored infrastructure as it will cost you 10% of all the gold in your banks. And you have now made the banks USELESS for sending resources for fort, breed and feed events. We used to be able to do 3 transfers from each castle bank…now we get 3 TOTAL? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So our players are supposed to spend HOURS to wait their turn to get resources? Why even have banks at all then? THIS IS A RIDICULOUS CHANGE AND IT NEEDS TO BE BACKED OUT IMMEDIATELY!


You won’t lose all of your gold unless you lose every one of your castles. It’s 10% not 100%. Management of the castles is exactly as it was intended, TEAM managed, not personal “this is my private bank”. It’s no different to the potential for an officer to have gone rogue and done any of that. If you don’t 100% trust someone then don’t give them bank access. Simple.


It’s not 3 total lol. It’s 3+ 3x the number of banks you have:


What fairytale team do you live on? Not all players are that responsible. We give players a bank level we know each can handle. As they learn more about how to manage a bank, they get promoted to larger banks. And players do leave teams you know - even the most trusted players can go rogue and do unspeakable things. And mistakes happen…so we can now lose MILLIONS of resources if someone fat fingers a transfer. These changes are ridiculous and I will quit spending on this game if they are not backed out. I am not going to just throw my money down the drain and that is all PG is doing…finding more and more ways to make it easier for you to lose your castles becuase they want you to spend more to try and keep them. I’m done jumping for the elusive carrot that is always a little bit further away. PG seems hell bent on losing customers and not keeping them.


Enjoy your extra cash then :wink:.

The danger was there before all this, trust your team mates or don’t, that’s up to you.


You can give them freedom
If they will break the trust-denote them from banks permanently
It will help ppl to be more careful :wink:


This is not a matter of trust. It a matter of PG taking all the control over castles away from the teams that have them. It’s about making everything easier to lose. We put a ton of strategy into how our castles are configured. Some had low banks FOR A REASON. Now we have NO OPTIONS. Everything is vulnerable. Forget storing infrastructures, and forget saving gold for players storing for primarch upgrades. Forget planning of any kind. And our level 2 castles have now become a huge liability as losing one can result in us losing a huge amount of gold. All the strategy we had planned for our castles just went right out the window…hours of planning…months of getting the castle infrastructures where we wanted them to be…all a waste of time now. GEE THANKS PG…just what I wanted…for you to make MONTHS of effort go to waste in a single change.


This one bank idea is stupid! To bad PG developers don’t play the game. If they did, maybe they’d make logical changes. PG you screwed the pooch yet again!!


Some ppl In my LC have been talking that revives % at NML have been changed already,and they are getting less revives.
Can someone confirm/deny this?


That^^ speaks of paranoia and lack of trust.

If you can’t hold a bunch of level 2 castles confidently then maybe your team overextended its’ resources but previous didn’t have a huge repercussion from it. Atlas is about strategy, knowing your limits, and fighting tooth and nail to be better than others. It’s not just a comfy place for everyone to have a bunch of castles and live happily ever after.

The whole point of the seasons is to promote castle takeovers. Seems to me like PG are trying to break the stagnation a bit.