Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread


How much do you spend on this game? Because I could have bought a nice luxury car by now with what I spend on this game, and I am getting pretty darned sick of it being money thrown down the drain as PG keeps changing the rules. Paranoia? I’m paranoid because I don’t want to throw all the strategy my team has developed down the drain? I wish I lived in your world where everyone is susy homemaker and never stabs anyone in the back. I’ve been playing this game for a long time now and I have seen just how cruel and insane people can be playing it. I have seen trusted friends in the game abandon all loyalty and throw their previous team to the wolves. I have seen the dark side of this game and I have no desire to live in fear of the worst happening every single day. I love my team and most of them I will fight with for as long as I play this game and trust with everything we have. But there are always new people who join a team…and you can’t possibly know their motives until you get to know them really well…and sometimes they show one face and hide another…so you never really know them at all. And people do make mistakes as they learn…and our team employs a learning philosophy. We don’t want a full team of people who have been playing for years. We enjoy passing on what we have learned to the newer folks joining the game. You call it paranoid…I call it battle worn and well learned caution.


Oh jeez… 700 entries so far… tldr tldr, so where do i choose which map i use? Havent started v4.80 yet… the app, have not launched it yet and im @ a conference so i cant in a little while anyhows… :yum::yum::yum::yum::yum::yum::yum:


Hi, @Arelyna

A teammate of mine just sent a screenshot that he got the duskfall map along with the update. He can’t access the event page, Atlas event page, Atlas daily token payout, etc. He has tried reinstalling several times and raised a ticket (1405132).

Events - black screen
Bug in war dragons?

Not that it actually matters but I’ve spent more money on this game than I’d like to think about however, with many of the recent changes PG have made I have pretty much stopped spending now because I realised there are better things to spend it on in life lol.

You wouldn’t make a new member a banker anyway (I’d hope) so that’s kind of not worth mentioning. There are over 1200 teams with Atlas access, which means at least 7,200 people (officers) have had the ability to decimate a team if they so chose to- how many times has it happened? Treat your banker and governor choices with the same level of care as your officer selections. They are team banks.


I got 75% revives on attack’s and 100% revives on defends. Actually seems better than before


Omg,mine is still old,just dark version
And I can’t swap between them


I attacked someone on unowned castle and their influence was very bad
But I get GP,as at NML (100%)
Not sure if it was always like this,or something broken


Mine is the same but I have no squid :sob:


Oh really? Tap multiple times,he will appear ,haha
Will be cool to have ghost of dragons,flying around perches next Halloween :slight_smile:
Or Necryx,sitting on home island(near Breeding castle)


In NML, the key component for Glory is player level. Team influence does not come into play. It’s a “levelled playing field”, so to speak.

Outside of NML, team influence will be considered when calculating for glory. This means hitting a much lower ranked team will give less glory vs NML.


Well…that’s how it’s supposed to work always))
I’m talking about unowned castle aka castle with expired upkeep,but not at NML
Not sure which GP we supposed to get there


That will still fall under how GP is calculated “outside of NML”, I think.

Whoever you are attacking belongs to a team (regardless of whether castle is owned or unowned), so GP would be based on whatever their team influence is.


Which is not what I get.
My team ranked 3
Their ranked 700
I get 100% GP from them
I was pretty much confused


I tried that, it happened before for me that I didn’t have one of the changed versions of the whale so I’m not sure if it’s the same glitch


ok so great the update is finally live but what about the atlas daily egg tokens I missed yesterday and the rider missions? @DragonPunch is there plans to reimburse us for these? Also, what is the final amount of time extention on atlas elite?


@Arelyna @PGMichael @pgEcho If we surrender a castle do we lose the gold percentage same as conquered ??


No. Said somewhere that a transfer doesn’t incur the penalty


No squid just like no sailfish when that was out.



Where are we on atlas elite extension? As an Android user I’m pretty sure I lost a lot of time, especially usable time, due to 36 hours of atlas inaccessibility.

e: before everyone comes visiting, no, I don’t have gold.

e2: From my screenshots it looks like the extension granted so far was just 18 hours, not even the 24 hours mentioned in other threads. Obviously I’d like to have at least the other 18 hours that android users were locked out. (Caveat: I haven’t had :coffee: yet, but the math is not that complex.)

from Version 4.80 Release Notes:


Yes but the update kind of encourages taking over level 2 castles. You get the same amount of resources from the bank as if it were level 5 and it is infinitely easier to conquer. It DISCOURAGES the big teams from fighting among themselves. Everyone from Plat IV to maybe Saph 3 is going to get beat up.