Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread


Just surrender the castle to someone in your 5ta and have them surrender it back. You won’t lose gold that way and infrastructure goes to storage


I don’t think so necessarily, taking a level 2 that you don’t actually need will create a weak spot in your castle network. Afterall if a strong team takes a low level castle, where would you hit them back to get 10% of their total gold? The low level castle lol.

Edit: If a team is currently holding a bunch of low level castles then yeah, they’ll have to consider whether they’re worth the risk overall.


Couldn’t they just abandon it? Level 2 is lower than any castle they currently own and not beneficial to keep. And if a top 25 team takes your level 2 castle and you retaliate, do you honestly think you’re going to have good results?


Has anyone figured out how new atlas teams without a castle can access banking? Does it have to be the leader or an officer?


Have the same issue, also it’s extremelly hard to reopen the game once I have to close it (took me hours yesterday


Did teams without a castle have access to banking in the first place? If not, I don’t know why they would now… :see_no_evil:


I thought it was new with centralized banking. I heard someone talking about new atlas teams getting access without a castle. Making it more feasible to actual take a castle at some point.


All centralized banking does is aggregate the previous banks via various logic. Aggregating zero is still zero. The central bank is access through the castle management UI, so without access to that, there’s still no access to banks.

Maybe it was a suggestion?


I’ll keep digging. Thanks for replying :+1:


Someone thought the 0 banks thing meant you had a bank without a castle but when you first take a castle is has no bank but has a storage capacity and transfer ability (otherwise they couldn’t upgrade it). It was a misunderstanding basically- no castle, no banks

Bank for teams without a castle?

Of course they can but that takes time as you can’t just unown one at the drop of a hat.

My meaning was that this change has just made level 2 castles undesirable if you have stronger castles because they’ll be a weak spot. It’s harder to take a level 2 from a team and give it to a non-direct ally now so due to the 10% issue. Let’s face it, the amount of land that got released in the last grab probably made a bunch of teams overextend themselves which didn’t really matter before because the consequences were relatively small. Now however, they may be in an awkward position lol.


Ive got Android system and the update is installed bit I’m still not able to change my base appearance anyone else have this issue and how do we correct the problem


It’s not out yet, though some people are seeing pieces of it.


Thank you for responding. I found the source was an RPW video from a day or two ago.


After the update for Android, the sound of the game has “disappeared”. @Arelyna Watch it pls


So what version am I on?:joy:

Edit: Apparently because it’s because I switched from android to IOS…so is it going to be fixed?


I watched that same video. :man_facepalming:


@Arelyna I thought the troop training event was supposed to start immediately at 11:01 AM PST. Still haven’t seen it drop yet. And its shorter than usual I would like to be able to train as much as possible.




No worries, wasn’t scolding. Miss you too.

Big 301 and first time ever on global leader board. Another two forts before I hit 315 and can evolve divines though. Crazy once you get to 300