Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread


It’s a bug that’s been reported, just needs to be fixed now :slight_smile:


Добрый вечер.
У моих знакомых, после этого обновления стало еще хуже.
Не могли бы вы подсказать какие минимальные настройки нужны для комфортной игры?


it is a lots of bugs what is bigger than this…
be happy u see something…i see just black sceen if i open something in atlas, and i am not alone…


Me too. Now I cannot log in on my iPad. wish they fix it soon


Same here


Still have to stop firing to use specials, how can afte all these years PG still gets it so wrong?


Another day, still no answers.


But can you honestly say that it’s surprising?


In case it wasn’t said as a reply: This is because the apk for Android was “too big”, so, they needed to send it back to the drawing board, so that Android will allow the update to be processed. :slight_smile:


My atlas elite was only extended the 15hrs even though I was locked out of atlas from 1pm est. till 6am two days later. I thought you guys would extend it longer because of the length of time it took for you guys to release the update. I’s it not enough I wasn’t able to collect my daily atlas tribute or send my riders oUT at least twice in that time frame? I’m very frustrated with this because I wasn’t going to buy the elite because of the 5x hat regeneration went to 2.5 but I did against my better judgement and you guys slap me in the face with this. Come on @PGCrisis @Arelyna you guys really need to extend it longer. This is ridiculous


So what was the final amount that atlas elite was supposed to be extended? I bought mine on Oct 6th and it’s set to expire in 8hrs. Android users lost 2 days atlas access so 15hrs is unacceptable given the progress we lost and the fact that IOS users were allowed to start attacking us early and we couldnt even defend.


Since last upgrade on iPad I have not been able to access events on either platform, regular or atlas, have not been able to collect daily tokens in atlas, cannot add troops to primarch. Kon regular game event, cannot access. As soon as page opens it goes to black screen, so I have several progress levels I have not been able to collect. Will there be a fix for this issue before end of event? Or will I be loosing al my progress rewards?


I installed the newest version already but this happened 30 minutes ago. I’m serious thinking to quit this game now. PG already F up my breeding event with no egg token bonus, and now they want to F up my fortifaction event. The worst game experience I’ve ever had.


Lol PG went home for the weekend! F you, players!


To be fair, they probably did need a break. Tired people make more mistakes.


Have you switched between Droid and iOS?


Yes and that’s what caused it happened. I believe we have to wait until the next update to fix this problem.


hello,everything fine but 4.80 version cannot open in iphone6s IOS device.Oldest version was open but now not.When press open app they start loading game and then text please update app to 4.80 version.After press ok and IOS show all app are up to dated.I try delete app and then again install but nothing.This mean I have to stay on android phone.But I can’t because I buy iphone and my android device broken.Please maybe I don’t know and have any idea what i can do?


Switch back to your Android device because according to PG, that is what causes this issue.


It’s because u switch from android to IOS. U can’t do anything but wait, I’m stuck here playing on my shitty android tab