Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread


I think the Android update was a blessing in disguise. It seems like all the bugs iOS update experienced were fixed before the android update was sent out, because this is literally the best my game has ever ran in over a year.


Funny, it still runs like a drunk paraplegic on an ice rink here on android.


do you know if the atlas quests for epic and legendary gear crafted previously as well as element of crafted gear will count to quests as it currently doesn’t much like the destroyer levelling one ?

also escaping taunt is not working. 3:1 kill ratio quest, taunt an enemy, the 90% glory hit are not working for me either


Not true. It took my android longer to update but guess what I have almost none of the bugs that yall are complaining about :joy: Looks like android is the better choice after all.


Not on iOS for my team


228k rubies…


Aside from broken music player and no squidy :expressionless:


Hi. Do you have any idea when it will be in sync?


On the YouTube Gaming stream, there was an estimate for early this week, so it’s wait and see.


Well I like the new banking system, made managing Fort Event really easy… We have trusted bankers, and quite a few… It’s great to see how much rss u have overall… and no more robbing from this bank to top up that… PG :raised_hands:t3::clinking_glasses:


At least y’all can access your accounts. I haven’t been able to access since this stupid update! PG has done nothing to fix it.


As an iOs player, I couldn’t reach the game for 3 days. It still shows update screen. I’ve lost lots of egg tokens and didn’t do anything in the event.

4.80 is like 2018. It has screwed everything…


Is it intentional that the Atlas weekly quests can’t be completed as F2P? There is one quest which is to train 20,000 (new) troops. Well…at 800 a pop that is 25 new troop builds in a week which isn’t possible unless you buy elite, use bullhorns and speeds, or don’t sleep. And that’s ignoring the fact you also have to revive 8,000 troops that week too.

The 8,000 revive is easily achievable but 20,000 brand new troops in one week is not and it feels unbalanced. At least it would make more sense in reverse because you can revive more troops than build at once.


With speeds you can get 24,192 troops built in 7 days. So you could get fairly close without speeds.

Speeds are available for free to play, so it is possible.

Also I think the rider missions are where you will have the most issues unless you send 3 riders with your best dragons every day.

Keep in mind that the first week was a partial week so you couldn’t finish it without spending.


Could you break that down for me how you got to 24k with speeds please? I’m looking at being able to do 3 full lots of 800 a day (one first thing and then 2 further complete sets 5.5 hours apart). Over 7 days I get that as 16,800 troops due to the low regen rate and that’d be ignoring reviving any troops.

I know week one was partial so I ignored that, I was looking at it this morning when I realised the implications.

Edit: Agree with the rider part, I’m still using tokens from last season but they’re running out fast.


1440 hats / hour
7 * 24 hours / week
241920 hats / week
24192 troops / week


Ahhh the robot approach that requires no sleep :wink:


Hats regen at 1440/hour and there are 24 hours in a day. You can run only one queue at a time therefore your max possible training is 1440/10 or 144 per hour or 3456 per day.

As a standard queue can hold 8000 hats, it takes 8000/1440 = 5.5555… hours to fill the queue. (5 hours 33 minutes and 20 seconds)

So if you throw a new queue in every 5.55555… or less hours and speed when needed, you can get 3456 troops trained per day. Of corse you probably sleep 6 or 7 hours, but you can multiply 144 times ( 24 - sleep + 5.555 ) to find your real number.

You also lose some time queuing if you want to get more specific. You likely lose about 30 min a day in queueing too. So you could subtract 0.5 from within the brackets above too

So if you sleep 7 hours,

144 * ( 24 - 7 + 5.555 - 0.5 ) = 3176 * 7 days = 22,232

I’m not suggesting you should queue like a robot, but it’s very possible


True, it’s more of a theoretical max.
20k / week for the achievement still seems pretty excessive, if you compare it to relatively soft targets like 3m gold and 25 poachers.

I strongly suspect the 8k revive and the 20k new build should’ve been swapped around, that would make both of them pretty reasonable.


I get ya. Definitely doesn’t give much flex though with those numbers, if you don’t follow an extremely strict routine you wouldn’t be able to achieve that and the revive at the same time. I know I won’t be able to for certain.

I don’t even want to think about how many speeds that would use up too lol. 500 diamonds would not be worth it :thinking: