Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread


It’s not terrible since it’s 5.555555 hours between queuing, with some buffer…

But yes If you missed a single queue, your not going to make your weekly numbers.

I don’t see it being pulled off without either queuing all more frequently than 5.5 hours, except the queue before bed must be the max size.

You could theoretically logon every 2 hours and as long as you got your hats spent before the maxed the hat queue, it should work with decent flexibility. But if you don’t queue for longer than 5.5 hours you really only have a few hours of flexibility within 7 days

I believe the speeds i calc’d at 24 hours of speeds per day. It would be less depending on how good your infrastructure is… (and elite obviously cuts it in half)


Android sound glitch


What about the time needed to gather the gold necessary? . Let’s say 5-7 runs per 8000 hats so that would be 10-14 more min to your time. Right if you want to get more gold than needed and you are attacked you gonna probably lose that gold. So let’s add to this the time for the gold.


For perfect results you would have to come onto the game earlier than the refill maxing out so that you got your gold ready for the builds in advance


I also cannot access event icon. Turned in several tickets. Tried everything!


Yes same… hoping they will give event rewards n prizes we can’t claim into our acct as well as fix before next pvp event. If not then we won’t be able to even participate :pensive:


I just noticed that yesterday with my trapper. I was able to revive much less than the near 100% it used to be. I didn’t realize this was changing. Yet another brilliant idea! SMH


It really depends on % destroyed and if it’s attack or defense. It wasn’t changed for a purpose though,


@PGJared now all my tickets are being closed with no resolution. I have had maybe 20% access to Atlas since the 4.80 update.


Are these all the current 4.80 issues? Those are all being resolved globally. Individual action generally isn’t being taken right now.


@Arelyna Any chance the IOS update fix will be coming out tomorrow before the event screen goes away? My leader hasnt been able to access the event menu on either of her accounts since the update and thus cant claim any of her Fortification prizes. It is inexcusable that she should lose out on an entire event’s worth of prizes that she earned because of this


When support sent me the list in an auto reply my issues were not on it. I have seen a few other people mention them since then. I’m glad they may be getting fixed globally, but impact needs to be looked at on an individual player basis. I’m done with crafting now because I couldn’t earn any shards last week, it’s a snowball effect.

Unable to collect troops
Unable to move primarchs
Unable to set home

I had a few hours time where I was able to do these things and that has been it. I really hope this doesn’t result in a standard compensation across all players, 5 gold chests or something…that would likely be the end of my time in this game. Not a threat, just the truth from a disenfranchised player.


Here’s the deal…what you said is fine but before the release the developer should have thoroughly checked for issues. As for myself I lost many rewards, at least 45 if not 50 because I couldn’t access the events page. The loss of my rewards translates to the money I had spent prior. At this point unless I am reimbursed why should I continue to play a game that I cannot rely on.



@PGJared can u tell us if there is an update coming soon for fix ?


Yes. We’re hard at work on an update to address issues from the 4.80 release.


Start work on an update 2 hours before the event, huh? That sounds like guys, go out take a drink because we will mess the game up again.


What’s the status on Duskfall map and/or Android audio? I understand that the false bans and iOS issue are priority, but I’m curious.


Can you please explain this…
So last team achievement is 135k points.
And there is no prize for 135k (it’s 132 and 142k)
So it’s kinda at the middle(which haven’t happened before)
Any chance to fix it to 132k (maybe in future,so event won’t be broken this time)


Ssh, they work on fixing game