Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread


They said everyone would get 125% boost for some time and then it would go back to whatever your boost should be. Did you purchase a seasonal egg token boost?



A couple of hours. That announcement was almost 24 hours ago.


A couple hours from that time? A couple hours from when people log in?

Dari didn’t say in her post how many hours ago she had 125% boost nor if she has purchased a seasonal boost.


Should be today ? Or next week ?


Is the issue with black screens being worked on? Since the 4.8 update I wasn’t able to get into the fortification event or Atlas event without getting THE BLACK SCREEN! Now I’ve gone down a league and I’m now in able to get into the breeding event as it also goes to the dreaded Black Screen! I have unloaded and reloaded the game several times! No Help!! I do get the familiar auto response :woman_shrugging:


Dari fall asleep) it’s fixed now


Hoping we can discuss our feeling on changes after the event - if we go quiet on you its because it totally sucked lol


Yes, a couple hours from that time, read the message.


I was offering an explanation as to why Dari might have had a 125% egg token boost an unspecified number of hours ago and why it was gone.

PG just released a fix to the egg token boost issue, yet Dari was insinuating hers was broken. She still did not answer whether or not she actually purchased a seasonal egg token boost and changed her post to a completely different issue.

Arguing over what exactly that announcement meant is really rather pointless.


Just updated the app and still no fix for the black screen event issue


Just updated the app and still no fix for the black screen event issue


@Arelyna can you please give us an update on the black screen issue? It’s been a long time a bunch of us haven’t been able to get into any events and claim prizes too! Had been hoping this would have been addressed in the fix update since it’s been mentioned by quite a few having this issue.
Thanks for letting us all know what’s going on and when we can expect a fix and to be able to play again …


Black screen issues are still being looked into.


Switching to the normal base skin forces Atlas attacks to also use the normal skin…so half the towers end up buried in the ground or invisible, and it’s impossible to tell where all the monuments are.


@Lee1230, it is a known issue. Please see the update here: Issues with the Duskfall Map Reskin


Thanks, didnt see that. I thought this was the only thread for the 4.8 fiasco.


Once all the 4.80/4.81/4.82 bugs are fixed (yes I’m optimistic) will there be changes made to the bank ledger to include a ‘received’ column on the weekly tab?

@Arelyna @PGCrisis @PGJared Yes? No? Maybe so?


With the latest update 4.82 I have to get in war dragons from the 4th attempt. 3 attempts are crashing. Android Samsung Note 8. Sometimes it crashes 5 times or 6.


Weird my note 8 has no issues at all. After the last 2 updates my game works better than it has in a long time. Minus the 1 time this event so far that chests stopped dropping. Did a reinstall and works again though just wish I didnt have to uninstall and reinstall everytime pg does an update after an event starts just to get chest drops to come back.