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Different Android versions and phone setups, I guess?


Samsung S9+ and by far the best running game since about 6 month here


So the apology “gift” is the equivalent of 10,000 egg tokens in rubies, not enough food to level one of my dragons once and not enough timers to level a single relevant tower on my base??? PG you really have outdone yourself this time. Weeks of missing token boosts, days of u installing and reinstalling the game because I couldn’t access atlas and that’s a “proper” apology!? I really hope that the remaining players receive better treatment from you moving forward. I’m about done with the game.


Those 3.5k rubys are worth nothing simple said, an 35k ruby apologize for all that mess would make people happy, but not 3.5k tooth nails


That’s exactly what I said. 3500 rubies that is 20 12 hour times from the forge which even with research and everything a tower is taking me over 42 days and 50 12 hour timers is 40 days so the apology gift gives me 10 days off of a building… not even close enough to level a single relevant tower.


How fo you get 10,000 tokens for 3500 rubies?


125% boost and grind that hr mission. You get 3 eggs per 1 ruby used.


Why change the max transfer limit that is below the max storage level? Or why not an even number like 2 mil or something? @pgecho @pgdave?


It does seem like a pretty random number. :thinking:


Or simply storage cap (eg 2.7m)


The food/wood transfer quantity has been updated to be the match max quantity that it was before centralized banking. Gold max transfer quantities didn’t change with centralized banking, but food/wood transfer quantities were incorrectly increased to match gold transfer quantities.


you can still transfer over 6 mill food/wood


Maybe this was answered already but I’m not going to scroll back through 800+ comments to find the answer. Since the tax is set for everyone regardless of what castle they set as home, what happens when the castle YOU set specifically gets full on gold? Before you would just no longer be taxed but what happens now? Does that gold just disappear or go to one of the other castles?


Now there’s no storage in individual castles, and no tax rates for individual castles. There’s one storage, that all gold goes into from all castles. And one tax rate that is the same for all castles.


It’s one bank now, not multiple so if it’s full they are all full


:thinking: I see that you can respond to this but don’t care to explain why you deleted the thread about the atlas elite nerf.


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