Version 4.80 Release Notes


Greetings, Dragon Lords! v4.80 of War Dragons is primarily made up of performance updates on the backend, but it still contains a number of bug fixes and player-facing updates. Read on to find out more!



  • Updated the intro video with new art and lore.

  • Added the Duskfall seasonal map. This map will be featured for all players level 30 and above, and you will be able to switch between this seasonal map and the default one. A preview can be seen here: Duskfall Season Map Announcement

  • Updated the game icon.

  • [Atlas] New quests have been added in the quest tabs to help keep you on the path to becoming strong in Atlas!

  • [Atlas] Quests can be filtered in the quests tab.

  • [Atlas] Weekly Quests are now available and will refresh each week on Sunday 11:59pm PT.

:beetle: BUG FIXES


  • Fixed issues causing: event value packs to disappear, egg token bonus boosts to deactivate, and event chests to not drop when destroying monuments during events.

  • Fixed an issue in which players appear offline on the battle/attack screen, but appear online in their profile.

  • [Android] Fixed an issue in which players on Xiaomi devices were unable to use the in-game mail function

  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where players attacks in Atlas would not count

  • [Atlas] Fixed camera panning issue when suggesting which castle is the nearest a player can travel to



  • [Atlas] Fixed various Atlas crashes



  • [Atlas] Corrected misaligned text when viewing battle result screen.

  • [Atlas] Fixed Glory scaling values not displaying in the UI for players >Level 300.

  • [Atlas] Fixed incorrect primarch stat display calculations with seasonal buffs

:world_map: ATLAS UPDATES


RSS in Atlas is now managed in the centralized banking system to make RSS easier to manage by consolidating it into a single, team-managed bank.


  • Players can access all Gold, Food, and Lumber from any of their team’s castles. Looking at any castle’s Bank tab will show the total balances of each resource owned by the team as a whole.
  • Any governor/banker/officer at any castle can access the team’s bank and distribute funds to any player as they see fit.
  • Any banker/officer/governor can use the bank’s resources to donate or upgrade infrastructure.
  • Tax rate is shared among all team castles, setting a tax rate at one castle applies the same rate to all castles owned by that team.
    • Players will get charged the team’s set tax rate regardless of where they set their home.


  • The conquering team steals from the conquered team’s Gold storage when a castle is conquered.
    • 10% of the Conquered Team’s Stored Gold Amount at the time of conquest is taken and given to the Conquering Team’s Bank. This percentage is not affected by castle level, infrastructure levels, or storage capacity–it’s simply 10% of whatever is sitting in the Bank at the time.
    • Surrendering a castle doesn’t invoke the 10% Gold theft.
    • Losing a castle to unpaid Upkeep doesn’t invoke the 10% Gold theft.


  • Bank storage capacity scales with the sum total of all of a team’s Active Banks.
    • 5M Gold per Bank level
    • 1M Food/Lumber per Bank level
  • Banks on castles with unpaid upkeep and Banks in Stored Infrastructure sets do not count as Active.


  • Bank RSS Transfer quantities are capped by the highest level Active Bank your team owns.
    • 1.37M Gold and 500K Food/Lumber can be transferred with no Bank levels
    • Each additional Bank level grants an additional 390k RSS that can be added per transfer, up to a maximum of 6.05M RSS with a level 12 Bank in your team’s possession.

Total Bank Levels Gold Storage Max Food/Lumber Storage Max Single Gold Transfer Max Single Food/Lumber Transfer Max
0 15M 500K 1.37M 500K
1 20M 1.5M 1.76M 600K
2 25M 2.5M 2.15M 700K
3 30M 3.5M 2.54M 800K
4 35M 4.5M 2.93M 900K
5 40M 5.5M 3.32M 1M
6 45M 6.5M 3.71M 1.1M
7 50M 7.5M 4.1M 1.2M
8 55M 8.5M 4.49M 1.3M
9 60M 9.5M 4.88M 1.4M
10 65M 10.5M 5.27M 1.5M
11 70M 11.5 5.66M 1.6M
12 75M 12.5M 6.05M 1.7M
24 135M 24.5M 6.05M 1.7M
600 3.015B 600.5M 6.05M 1.7M

* 600 is the cap for bank levels given the 50-castle limit multiplied by a fully-leveled level 12 Bank.


  • The number of allowed simultaneous RSS Transfers from the Central Bank is 3 + 3 * number of Active Banks your team owns.

  • Enemy Primarchs no longer affect any Bank actions.

  • A level 0 Bank on a castle with upkeep paid still counts as an “Active Bank”.

    Banks Owned Simultaneous Transfers
    0 3
    1 6
    2 9
    3 12
    10 33
    50 153

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Please note that the release date for this has been pushed back a day to Wednesday, October 10th.


Updated the Centralized Banking section with clearer information.


To discuss 4.80’s Release Notes, please use the Discussion Thread here!



Please see the note on Wars and War Declarations here: War Declarations and Wars Disabled in Preparation for Version 4.80


As of about 30 minutes ago,

Please Note:

With the release of Centralized Banking, individual bank accounts will no longer exist. As a result, in the new Centralized Banking system, players’ old ledger records before the 4.80 Atlas maintenance will temporarily be unavailable. These old ledger records will be added in the next few days.

For now, new ledger records will record and be displayed. Please note:

  • You will not lose any old resources. All resources are in the correct place even though previous ledger records will not be available at launch.

  • New actions that trigger a ledger line item will execute properly. These actions will be recorded immediately and be accessible in the ledger.

Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread

It’s a little past 11:30pm here in San Francisco, and it looks like we will not be able to release our Android update tonight. We will resume work tomorrow the 11th and release 4.80 for Android ASAP.

As for iOS, we’re still waiting for the update to appear in the App Store. Any minute now…


“Any minute now” has unfortunately turned into longer. We are still waiting on Apple to populate it to the store. This truly is in their hands.

As to the Android release, we are currently working on the release for that as well.

Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread

Updates regarding Altas:

  • PvP will remain disabled until further notice.
  • Atlas Elite will be further extended by an additional 9 hours
  • The current event end time will be extended to later this evening
  • Any Upkeep set to expire before 6pm today will be extended to tomorrow.

Version 4.80 bugs
Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread
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Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread
Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread

iOS update should now be available!


Wars that have been declared will be canceled. The Duskfall map will not be live just yet.

We are currently looking into issues with the update.

Unable to declare wars October 2018

Atlas PvP will continue to be disabled until later this evening.

Wars that were declared on October 10th will be canceled. All guilds declaring wars will have their trophies returned. Once we can confirm that all players on 4.80, we will reenable wars.



The current Atlas event will be extended until 11am PT tomorrow (10/12). The next event, the Troop Training event, will begin immediately after at 11:01am PT and end at the normal time. This means that the Troop Training event will be a bit shorter than usual.

Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread
Version 4.80 Official Discussion Thread

As of about 9pm PT, the update for Android is now available.


For versioning issues, this is caused by switching between an Android and iOS device. Please refrain from switching between Android and iOS.

As for issues with multi-tapping and crashing, the team has identified the issues causing this. No ETA just yet on when a fix will go live.

PG help please can’t log in
I can’t open my game

The new Duskfall Season map is intentionally turned off for everyone at the moment - for those who are reporting that the button in their Settings menu is greyed out: it is intentionally unable to be pressed until we released the map to everyone at the same time from a server-delivered update.

For those players who have the map already appearing in their game, this is currently a bug that some players are seeing it when it is not released to all players yet. We’ll look into a fix so that all players have access to the map once it is released on our end.

Version 4.80 bugs
Bug in war dragons?

We are looking to ship another update to resolve some of the crashing and other issues popping up since 4.80. This update should be released at the earliest some time tomorrow or at the latest on Thursday.

If anyone finds a game like what this game used to be