Version 4.82 and Minor Update 672/673 Release Notes


Greetings, Dragon Lords! v4.82 and accompanying minor updates are on the way to War Dragons with some critical bug fixes. Read on to find out more!



  • New intro video will be removed on iOS until further notice

  • Duskfall seasonal map will be turned on for all players that are at least level 30, tomorrow the 18th around the afternoon time PT (when everyone is forced to install Version 4.82). You will be able to switch between this seasonal map and the default one. A preview can be seen here: Duskfall Season Map Announcement

:beetle: BUG FIXES


  • Fixed an issue where multi-tap was not working for hunter basic attacks as well as Warrior and Sorcerer spell casts



  • Fixed an issue where players were crashing in various scenarios, such as while loading into the game or traveling.



  • Optimized iPhone X variants to correct issues with alignment when switching between portrait and landscape modes.

:dodo: MINOR UPDATES 672 and 673

Minor Updates 672 and 673 will also go out this week in addition to Version 4.82. This update will require a game restart.

  • Fixed an issue with the Egg Token Bonus not being active for players who have claimed it
  • Added the new Dragons, Runes, and Rider into the Duskfall Season in preparation for their release on October 17th.

Version 4.80 bugs
Atlas lag and sync
Version 4.80 bugs