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Version 4.90 Release Notes
Where are the "beasts"?

No more 100% revive? I am understanding correctly?


That’s what it looks like. :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Yay! PG finally fixed sylphen.

Beasts sound interesting… at first i thought it was another p2w feature.


Hence more difficult to get glory if you don’t have Elite (very low troop build-up). And the best ratio is 80% revive? Attacking or defending?
They could have let 100% for 5 flames when attacking, if they wanted to incentive attacking, letting 80% max revive when defending.


Another shoot in the foot, if you ask me


* Fixed an issue where some players were not able to cast non-target spells while swiping their finger on the screen for basic attacks


Edit!!! Grabbed the wrong freaking text! Could care less about the crosses out one.


So…you just made it THAT much harder to train troops unless you $$$$

Got it.


It didn’t make sense to get better revive rates for doing poorly and vice-versa imo.

One problem I see though. This will make it even worse for players who get steamrolled by someone 150 lvls higher in NML.

Apparently, current Glory scaling isn’t enough of an anti-griefing mechanic. Along with the update to revival rates, there should be some type of “lower lvl defender” Glory bonus or give more of a penalty for attacking too low.


Ya it freaking s**k… especially on defense… when you get hit by a player 100 lvl abose you…there is not much you can do…

There is no more interest in leaving a trapper in NML…

At least, they should fix the defense glory rate… it should be (MAX of : 1.5 X troop lost or 0.75 X troop destroy) not MIN for defense… or make it reverse (MIN of: 1.5 X troop killed or 0.75 X troop lost)… cuz you always have real lost glory on defense even if you do a good one…


:joy: I think it’s time to say goodbye maybe they’ll give me something good to come back :wave:t2: pg


What is this beast thing? Was I farming too many shards monthly? I need details not some drastic change dumped on me with no explanation.


This really means nothing.


Ouch, guess I wont be going anywhere in atlas without elite :frowning:


That’s the plan lol


Why do I have to load my prim with Troops to attack the beasts?..I dont get why that needed to be added


I know EXACTLY what I’m getting when I do poacher runs now.

I want to know what this beast thing is EXACTLY.

What are the payouts versus what they are now? How does that affect the Atlas elite since poacher shards are part of that?

PG never gives enough information.



Beasts also give out crafting shards as prizes. That was just to illustrate what the screen looks like. I will try and get some more details about shard payouts on these


What I’m saying is, right now, I know how many I can farm in a month. This sounds random. I don’t really like random because it inevitably will be less than what I’m getting now.


This just seems like a way to make attacking poachers more complicated that it needs to be, none of these changes help anyone…not surprising though



So I’ve bought my Atlas elite. Part of that was poacher shards x 3. How can I get what I’ve paid for if you’re removing poachers?