Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Hey Ndawen :stuck_out_tongue: haha. So basically, when they created Aligane it was not for ppl to load up trapper sit there get hit revive 100% get good glory and do it again… doing it 10 times a day and completing all gear lines every season. This was never the intent. Now; to fix that, they made the changes so that ppl had to go fight at castles more to earn good glory. Aligane played a big role on why atlas was stagnating. Less castle attacks and more sitting and farming completing all lines of gear with no losses. This was never how atlas was supposed to work. It sounds awesome, but it isn’t right.


You can still get glory there. Nothing is stopping you. But you’re not incentivized to log off there and get glory plus 100% revives–more optimal than active combat. That was changing no matter what anyone posting here thought about it. Passive farming and easy prizes with functionally inexhaustible gating items is not their vision for the game.


So because players from all leagues found a easier way to gain glory, besides spending hours upon hours hitting castles. It’s somehow wrong :rofl::rofl::rofl: in every online game I’ve played,players always go for the easier route. It has nothing to do with people completing lines,but everything to do with people not spending. After this fiasco along with the vanguard tier for free thread,if I was a betting man I’d give this game a year at most.


The only vision for this game starts and ends with $. I still go there with my destroyer,but my trapper stays far away.


It was never planned for ppl to be able to finish all gear lines while losing absolutely nothing… atlas was meant for pvp and castle raids not gaining everything and losing absolutely nothing. Maybe ppl are mad because it benifit ppl so much, but it isn’t right :sweat_smile: that wasn’t what was meant to happen. Just like it wasn’t meant for small teams to hide on T4 and T5 and only be safe because of glory scaling.


Eh, I wouldn’t say only, but this game’s business model isn’t exactly a secret. It’s not a charity, and it exists to get as much money from big spenders as possible, as do many similar games in the F2P mobile space.

If you’re not leaving your trapper in Aligane and not caring what happens to it, sounds like the changes had their intended effect.


There is no way the designers didn’t know this would happen with aligane.


When there are 200’s in sapphire and 300+ in platinum, I’d say yes to sandbagging…

But agree, what’s the incentive to play up?


Well, have you heard about the benefits of D1 league chat?

We have our own mental case troll who’s been there for 2 years even though his main account was banned long ago.

Fellowship and camaraderie abound.

It’s definitely worth the slightly better team rewards (for some teams, mind) over D2 and much harder personal prize achievements.

Highly recommended.


I can’t imagine being stuck in league chat that never changes.


Which Troll are we talking about?


Says it all, really. But I was referring to Demon.


Hahhhhhh😂 Demon lol.


Ah, i forgot about him. When i think of D1 troll i think Oli lol (who wasn’t banned, hence my question)


No, he wasn’t banned as noted, is a friend of mine, hardly comes around anymore and is actually a skillful troll, unlike Demon’s garbage. Anyway, back on topic for me.


we was on the other day calling out Mank in LC. That was funny :slight_smile:

Edit: Hmmm maybe i am getting off topic.


I like Oli. :woman_shrugging:t2: Demon on the other hand… :grimacing::joy:


That’s pretty much how it was for everyone before the league restructure. I kinda liked it.



You have too much faith in the overall system correlation knowledge of some people on the PG team


And still with over 2k post pg hasnt responded