Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


What should they respond ? Change it back, because less than 1% doesn’t like it or ? They may wanna gather some data on how battles are now, before doing a new half done fix.


Agreed. More inadequate fixes on top of inadequate fixes isn’t what is needed.

Take a little time (not a lot), figure out where your fix sucks, then implement a fix that doesn’t suck.


A blind man could have seen it,sadly I agree with you.


Yeah, I remember him. Had blocked him, got on my nerves just reading his posts.:nauseated_face:


Atlas IS the main game now. They’ve been going that direction (vocally so) since release party.


In this world, you will be grieved even more. You will have teams that drop leagues on purpose just to own lower leagues. Hell it happens now ffs. Segregation in atlas would only serve to make it worse.


Hey when can new teams expect to get Atlas we are 2 months old in p4 headed to p3


There’s no land anyway :joy:



  • What is the max beast level possible per castle level?
  • Why are maximum level beasts not available when loot bonuses reset?


42, it’s apparently the answer to everything


35 is highest I’ve seen


I think he means broken down per land tier.

T5 = max L35 Beast
T4 = max Lxx Beast
T3 = max Lxx Beast
T2 = max Lxx Beast
NZ = max Lx Beast


In that case… :man_shrugging:t3:


Found the info’s

T5 = L21-35
T4 = L15-29
T3 = L9-23
T2 = L4-18
NZ = L1-8


Any idea what the mechanic on the levels that appear is yet? Or is it simply random?


Thank you!!
So any idea why I am not allowed access to the max level beasts that my team castle level allows when I want to get my max loot bonus?


AFAIK it’s a random spawn. When you kill a beast, it’s replaced with one of a different level, so i always try to hit the biggest beast i can find


I believe it’s all random level spawns.
Basically luck of the draw. Some day’s its going to be good, some day’s itll be bad.
The more castles you have, the more beasts you have to choose from the cycle and hopefully spawn a higher level beast


Thats good to know. The only problem is I need a specific shard and all the beasts in that region are under max. I suppose I’m at the mercy of PG spawns. Feels a bit bs to me


How much % difference? Just curious. I think infrastructure and multiplier # buff it more than the beast level does