Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


There are no max beasts currently in our region. I would like to be able to claim the max loot bonus on the shard I choose. Ya know?
Pics below


Thats 4% difference between those two beasts. The payout difference is pretty negligible.


Yeah 4% difference over 3 levels really isn’t that much IMO.
It’s not worth waiting for something else to spawn a day later and missing out on shards. Hitting 1 more beast will give you more shards than you will earn in many weeks of waiting around for only the highest beasts


You’re probably right but where are the level 18’s? To me that adds up on shards I never get.
Before, all poachers would give me max shard payout for my loot bonus. No more after this change. I dont see this as an improvement and those bonus drops are so rare its sad.


Were you getting 691 before or were you maybe getting more around 630 as an average? I can tell you that even hitting the lowest T5 beasts out there, my payouts are always bigger than previous


Honestly I never screenshot any of that. I didn’t think I needed to police that area. I can say that before, I could count on a set amount of shards that diminished after so many runs. The first run was always maxed. This new way I am not starting out with maximum possible shards.


But i’m fairly sure it should still be higher than previous. Can’t confirm (working on data pull to confirm) but that’s what i suspect it the case. In the lower end they may have scaled it down a bit, but it should be mostly up.


I appreciate the effort. I guess I’m stuck on the issue that maximum level beasts are rarely around and I am forced to take whatever the spawn gods deem fit.
Having to farm a level 10 beast on my loot bonus When I want a level 18 feels like I’m getting jipped.
If you were able to show me a table that proves my thinking wrong I’ll believe you but the way it is now feels wrong.


Another Hitichhiker affictionado!:rofl:


Any beast past L6 will give a tangeable benefit over what you were previously able to obtain on the same land.
True you may now not be able to farm on that land (allies, mooching, T5 NML, etc) but the fact remains that on the exact same land, there is now an upgrade in the amount of shards you can obtain even in a neutral zone.


What are the levels in NML? Same as T2?


Yes, NML have the double Chevron so they are considered T2


Not sure if this was clarified further down but I’ve seen some exceeding this range.

We know 35 is the absolute max and I’ve never yet seen above 23 on a level 3 land, but I have seen a 21 on a redzone t2. (Might have been a bug too)

I suspect it’s based on likeliness so that it’s extremely rare but possible to see stuff.