Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


It’s surprising because it’s a step so far that it will net less money due to people giving up. A business relationship requires both sides feeling like it’s a win. They are slipping to a one sided model imo.


Slipping or slipped?


Well said!
This happened because ppl thought it’s a great idea to just use NML as one source of GP
And,as been explained,use alts and summon lowest influence teams to trap bigger teams so they won’t be able to to hit them via awful GP
It’s absolutely ridiculous way to spoil attacks and it’s clear abuse of influence mechanics
It’s sad,but this change have been pushed and us up,because ppl haven’t listened when THEY been dropping hints that it’s not good
It’s ok to defend your alliance-it’s not ok to be a meat shield of highest teams in random battles
It’s ok to get some GP at NML-it’s not ok to get GP only at NML
Overuse is never good
Small teams won’t be targeted,as Gox correctly said
Because rn I guess there will be a lot of action at lvls 4 lands and everyone who wants so stay alive will save troops
And…I doubt that any D1 team will show up at lvls 2 lands EVER
Since they can’t anuse those teams as a meat shields anymore (and this is the main reason of their presence there)


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There is a group like gpf for atlas

They had extensive input in the changes and through the bank agreed it was a massive step in the right direction

As stated earlier it needs a tighter glory level band attached to it but other than that its am excellent start

Also the atlas team has screw all to do with the normal event cadence and normal changes.

Lastly these changes have been months in the making - the aligane issues were identified within a week or two after it started, yet it took months to sort out sadly - should have been stopped within a week. Same with the ant teams


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And about the beast?


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If aligane is an issue then why on Earth was the team influence removed from nml? If discouraging hits in nml as a glory source was intended then leaving this in place and or removing nml should have been done. Honestly my biggest gripe is the overreach of the revive issue. Look, if you defending and do well you can shut the enemy attack down and lose 10% troops and get 50% above troops loss for glory amassing basically non existent glory. If you attack and do well, you get help of a lot more. I consider this fairly decent risk reward. No punishing defense with an extreme loss possibility just hurts smaller players. The problem is the insane overreach. Oh look there goes 40% troops bye. Not because you didn’t do well, but because you were out matched. This is majorly effected by hat Regen. I don’t think people would have as big of an issue if the hat Regen wasn’t already kinda negative. It also, would not be as big of a deal if it was less of a hit 10-20% depending on how huge of a loss. Obviously 0% when you fail and 10% when you succeed defense is messed up.


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Beasts seems like a flat out upgrade for players across-the-board. Time will tell


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I mean these recent changes have been kind of positive for me spending hours a day on wd is just unhealthy now I can reduce that down to an hour tops and am saving a ton of $ now thanks pg for the recent changes :slight_smile:


Also seems like the proper way to defend a castle now is put a tower up at the start of your base load up your trapper with 1 troop and when it gets killed off just resummon and repeat and bore the opposing team to death ?


I agree - sort it …beasts sound fine - apples to apples. Lv3 poacher —> lv3 beast = fine (and maybe better)…

What bothers me is making NML lv2 and limiting beasts to 8 per region per day and topping off at highest owned castle tier. I (and many others) can now no longer hit lv4 poachers (on lv5 lands- Either during PvP or in NML)

That isn’t “apples to apples”


Please forgive my ignorance, but exactly what is the problem with players gaining glory in NML, other than the obvious “they’re not playing our game the way we want them to” issues?

Who is this hurting, and why is it considered a problem?


Although I agree with the fact that you stated, I don’t agree that you should have been able to steal them from owned lands during pvp to start with. This was a side effect of the way they ended up making pvp shields work when they tried to make it so they don’t lock mines anymore. In essence devaluing the higher level land for 5/14 days.

One of their main issues are the lack of incentives to take and hold high lands, so most things that differentiates higher land has been systematically removed through poor decisions previously ( uncapping infra, capping bonuses, allowing poachers to be raided etc) - they will need to incentivize higher land or the bigger teams wont be compelled to fight for them, resulting in diamond teams preference to beat on sapphire and plat teams on lower lands

I see no big issue making a few higher level nmls that spawn higher beasts, since ppl will take risk attacking them.


Harder for them to squeeze $ out of players if they do that is my guess ?


I agree… but to play devils advocate - I think PG sees people who grind out GP, Shards, Troops (before they halved regen rate) as “getting too much , without the $$”…

Where they are dead wrong is that most (myself included) will not buy the crap that they used to get by simply playing the game…instead it just makes the game more boring and frustrating - driving away previously “paying customers” (on the main game)


Good point and I agree…PvP was “nice while it lasted” for those without lv5 earth for example- but yes, it is good overall to remove that to make the land as valuable as it should be .

And yes, since beasts take troops to hit (do we know if beasts kill troops??) - entering NML to do so is at your own risk - so why not have some high level NML like now?