Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Proxy wars occurs because of MAD. Is MAD real in Atlas as well?
(Mutually Assured Destruction)


Well thats possible.

Its hard to guess but for one thing the teams have to use their own troops to defend their 4s now.

So its less likely they will waste them.

Also the glory payout in 4-5 is much better for them than for them to go into 2-3s

Is it enough to stop it? I think not ;more changes are needed, but need info to figure out how common it is so can work on solutions


They still get shit glory on 2 and 3 if the team isn’t ranked high in atlas.


That’s fine, I stopped wasting my money on it, but when people ask why atlas is stagnating, that’s why. You can’t complain about stagnation when only the top teams are encouraged to play and the losses for everyone else are too great for them to even consider.


Moreover: if two equally powerful D1 teams start battling each other for their T5, would that mean that both end up that much weak that a third D1 team can take the opportunity and wipe both?


Well no. Atlas was stagnating because small teams were owning very valuable castles and hiding behind glory scaling so they wouldn’t be hit. The ole “* I wanna own big boy castles but not Have to fight the big boys” . Now with 4.9 nobody owning a T4 and T5 can hide behind glory scaling. Now everyone has to fight.


If little teams “deserve” big castles then how is their value in a T4 or a T5? It would be just like a T3’s or T2 in the sense that any team can have one.


No. When people complain about players getting all of their glory in Aligane, that has nothing to do with platinum teams on T4 castles :roll_eyes:


Atlas stagnated because reached an equilibrium point. You have to move the equilibrium point to restart the dynamics. There will be always an equilibrium point, even if it’s “everyone is dead”.


The glory payout for them in 2s and 3s was shit before the patch too, and they still came anyway. And I’m willing to bet they will still use their “ants” to help them defend their 4s and 5s, until the ants dont have any troops left or arent willing to help anymore.


Hence the recent changes to drastically favor the attacker. Changes I am not against. But it won’t change the influence these big teams have. I don’t think anything will.


When did Aligane get mentioned? Lol. I never said anything about that. That was changed to encourage offensive attacks on castles to get glory. But let’s just add that into the convo. Aligane was changed so ppl would fight on castles more to get glory. And before the patch u had small teams owning valuable lands hiding behind 20% glory for bigger teams… so where’s the fight gonna be at? Bigger teams wanna fight for those valuable lands… where’s the glory at? I certainly don’t want 20% glory fighting over a valuable land and killing my own troops in the process…


Their biggest mistake was to not shut down aligane within the first week.

Players became accustomed to getting massive amounts of glory passively with little to no input.

The rebalance hurts as players feel that they get much less for more effort- which is true.

What they fail to agree upon - right or wrong- is that it was never intended for players to complete all lines - not even the high spenders were supposed to


There r to things that should have been implemented with this update that wasn’t imo. Hat regen should have been bump back to 7200ph and have a way that diamond should not hit 2s and 3s period.


Absolutely agreed.


I can’t speak for anyone but my own experience post patch. I can’t even say which team or alliance I’m in since I am not part of leadership. But word filtering down is don’t engage on t3 or lower.

I have asked a few times on the forums here about castles being taken over post patch. Only 3 that I know of that people have talked about. All t4.

I think given the troop Attrition we are seeing that the diamond teams jumping to protect anyone on a t3 will diminish quickly.

I also don’t see the need to use the lower teams to protect anymore. We get full glory on the t4/t5.

Even diamond teams are struggling to maintain much less build troops with the changes.

Adjustments still need to be made, I think a lot of people have great ideas here and hopefully pg is listening.

I feel for the smaller teams. The adjustment around losing the nml easy glory is harsh. Big teams are finding ways to get it still. This is a huge adjustment for everyone. But it’s an adjustment that needed to happen. I’m sure there more to come addressing the glory concerns of smaller teams.


Right…so good for PG’s pocketbook…bad for players…thanks for finally admitting it.


Let’s do 80% revives and call it a day :joy:


Honestly if you thought how the aligane thing was working was intended then there is little point in discussing things with you any further.

It was obvious as daylight to anyone with even the slightest insight that pg miscalculated and would nerf it.

Those with insight reaped while the going was good Knowing full well that it would change.

Those without are whinging about how unfair life is now. I didnt see them running to the forums saying how odd it is that logging off in Aligane every night was vastly more effective than actively fighting.


But I want to login do 6 runs revive drop my trapper in aligane and repeat every 8 hours so I can get free prizes. Why should I have to think or even pick an appropriate target it was so much easier before.

/Turns off heavy sarcasm