Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


If the castles were so valuable, the lower glory should not have been an impediment. It didn’t make defense any stronger, it didn’t make offense any stronger.


I need to check this later too. Work has me with little time at the moment.

Looks like you put some good thought into it though.


This is a reoccurring theme with PG. Small problems allowed to fester into big problems. Easy to avoid by stopping it as soon as it’s noticed rather than waiting a long time to fix it.

This is what you get when you thin provision your engineering staff.


Sounds like those “passive rewards” I was hearing about.

If anyone wants an extra participation trophy you can have mine.


I have never used nor do I even know what Aligane is. All I know is that now in order to get glory going to NML is not an option and I have to wade through the myriad of political bullshit known as atlas to do anything.

Since I am not willing to spend hours at a time hunting for somebody to hit for glory the atlas side of the game is essentially over for me (a casual player). Like I have told you before…if you make the game not fun for the casual player there will be nobody for the hard core gamers to fight with but themselves.


Fair enough. But thats a casual vs hardcore argument (which is a valid argument)

So make that argument, dont try to tack it onto a big vs small one.

I have some thoughts on a random match system for atlas, but no traction yet


Agreed. Atlas was made for ppl to hit each other’s castles, instead ppl were getting glory the easy way and not losing any troops while finishing all atlas gear lines. Definitely a Problem.


Who wants to hit a T4 or T5 and get 10% glory? :thinking: clearly this land is valuable as there’s not as much of it out as T3’s and T2, so tell me how someone ranked so low in atlas should be able to sit on those castles that are competitively taken by big teams, and hide behind the fact that they know they won’t get hit because they offer such shit glory? :thinking: does that seem okay to you?


If the land was really that valuable the shit glory wouldn’t have mattered.


… smh


I’ll take that you mean you just realized I’m right.:grin:


Lol. You are far from right. Using 100k troops to get next to nothing in glory isn’t right. And if you think that small teams hiding behind glory scaling in hopes that they don’t get hit is the right way for atlas to be ran, then I would consider getting a little bit more educated about how that could effect atlas overall.


No. My head is shaking because you think you’re right. No one should have to blow 20k-100k troops for :poop: glory on an important piece of land. Why you think that would be a fun gaming experience is beyond me.


So the land wasn’t that valuble after all huh? Well that is until PG changed the rules. Now it is only for D1 teams.


Thankyou so much. :joy::joy:


Im sorry but with what your saying I really can’t entertain the idea that your familiar with how atlas works and the importance of castles and glory… so discussing anything with you is pointless.


But yet the alternative of defending offering :poop: revives and :poop: glory is more appealing??
Original way was wrong.
New way is wrong…

It’s all wrooooong!! :joy:
How is it so hard to obtain balance around here??


My point is that if the land was really so valuable, the glory wouldn’t matter. Obviously people did not value the land more than the glory.


hmmm perhaps there is too much land? Once upon a time (before the most recent expansion) most teams felt lucky to own any land… oh how entitled we have all become.

Here is an interesting thought: lets reduce the amount of land. But give any team without land free Atlas Elite… that should stir up some combat. :slight_smile: (im only half kidding)


  1. plat teams would appreciate having any land, and stop complaining they can’t have level 4’s and 5’s.
  2. would encourage plat teams to fight (particularly those who dont have land),
  3. more people would appreciate the recent 100% glory change encouraging Diamond teams to fight in T4’s and T5’s.


Its simple… think of it like it is black Friday and all the land is on sale half price…
See I feel better thinking of it this way :joy: