Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


If the problem was the cost/benefit comparison was skewed, it could have been fix by making the land itself more valuable. He solution did not have to be to discourage interaction.


Clearly you don’t understand how important troops are as you think it’s okay to blow 100k to get absolutely nothing in glory. You don’t understand the importance and how valuable T4 and T5 are as you still think it’s okay for little teams to own them and offer 10% glory to hide from the big dogs. The ole “we want big castles but don’t want to fight the big boys”. Please get a little bit more educated on why it is not okay for teams to hold valuable castles that (if the glory scaling wasn’t shit) wouldn’t even be able to defend said castle against the attacking diamond team. Oh wait u would probably then argue how it’s unfair for a diamond team to hit a small team on said T4 or T5 so I will just go ahead and tell you why. The big dogs play on T4 and T5 and if this small team can’t defend their own territory they WILL get it taken. With 4.9 they cannot hide behind glory scaling, they cannot feel comfortable knowing they are holding something so important and not having to protect it because of the shit glory. If it wasn’t for the pre-update glory they were giving, this “small team” would’ve had it taken a long time ago if they didn’t have their shit glory to hide behind. Now, thanks to 4.9 it’s time for them to fight or get removed.


Although I agree with your basic principles…

Still missing out on how the revives for the team getting beat up are now fair? how they’re glory results are from defending? why 5,4, or 3 Flame still sucks in comparison to a trapped attacker in terms of glory?

All what’s being said is true regarding the big lands…
But what about the flip sides while this massacre takes place…
I’m personally not affected by this per say as much as some of the lower teams…but this will not fix the stagnation… it will not bring activity back to atlas except the short period while everything changes hand… then back to the same old same old…


See i dont like this; as it is Atlas has too much of a benefit/influence on the main game.


No I’m not speaking on revives :slight_smile: I think Troops and revives are definitely not right. Could definitely be increased. I was just referring to the glory scaling.


I thought atlas was now the main game.

Seriously though, point well-taken.


Glory scaling from defense is trash…even if u win lol… waste of time :joy:

As much as I hated aligane… there will be another alternative to glory hunting… give the players time and another loop hole will always be found.


your probably right, doesn’t mean i need to accept that without a fight though! lol


I very vaguely recall someone mentioning something along the lines of this. That PG’s focus was on Atlas rather than… Hmm, wtf is do we call the other part of the game… The bit with wars… And dragons… I’m stumped.


You mean War… War… idk it escapes me as well… “Atlas Dragons”… “War Pay”… “Pay Dragons”… idk I give up…


Right this second there’s a diamond team interfering with a battle between platinum teams in level 2 lands. Right now.

But you know, it totally never happens, ever.


Are they defending or attacking? :woman_shrugging:t2: Nobody said it dosent happen, we said they don’t conquer T2


Sharks eat anything m’dear. They are opportunistic creatures. Thus why I said apex predators in general.

Much like little teams entering big fights trying to leech what they can? :man_shrugging:

It works both ways.

In the end, I don’t think that the changes will be reverted. Nor do I think they should be. This is my opinion as both a plat and diamond player.

The only think I’d tweak is hat regen. Revert that to previous rates and it would probably make most all of us happier, on both sides, promote more activity, and give people the hope that they could recover from looses a bit easier, thus encouraging them to take higher risks.


Agreed 100% :facepunch:t3:


Not for revenge. Or to protect a minnow. They eat because it benefits them. Unlike diamond teams in this game.


Ever try to pull a remora off a shark? Let me know how that works out for ya.


Because intentionally fucking with a shark is totally comparable to plat teams attacking another platinum team :roll_eyes:

There’s no point in discussing it though, obviously some players want atlas to only be for the top teams, so we just have different perspectives.


I’m nowhere close to the top homie and I’m a-ok with the changes :hugs: besides troop regen


In a diamond team or level 275 plus bayn ?


Or if u were asking me a question no and no