Version 4.90 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread


Any reason they cant attack back and then the other team has to defend and get crap revives?

Old system: attacker permanently loses troops defender laughs

New system: both permanently lose troops, defender loses more,

Solution: dont rely on defense?

I do think they need to change stuff

Quicker hat regen for everyone, better glory scaling, tighter bands etc etc


So like the top players said. V4.9 encourage big teams to fight each other, but is that so until now i didn’t see any big fight?
Or are the big teams whiping out the small teams from lvl 4 land and then stagnation will occure again?
And if that occures will they come down to hunt glorie in lvl 3 land cause it will be much easier getting glorie from saphier teams? Maybe only 80% but with a way better troops lose ratio?


I may not agree with many things you say, Gox, but I admire you for your patience in these discussions.
Having said that, one change that would make the new system more fair, if glory and troop losses take the backer into account. The really frustrating part in a defence is, when you are able to drop the first attacker, the a Vanguard pops up and you can basically quit the defence.
I have no idea how that would integrate into your suggested changes regarding glory scaling, and tighter bands, but the backer needs to be taken into account.


One way to do that (in levels 2/3) where glory scaling exists… is for somehow to calculate glory By taking strongest level used (be it lead attacked or backer)… that way if a level 100 was hitting a level 200 with a level 500 backer… the scaling would be like a level 500 attacking the 200 and would be scaled down :man_shrugging:t3:


You really don’t want to have to ask your bigger teammate not to back your attacks or not to use a good dragon. Glory is already obscure and daunting and time consuming for many. We don’t need another opaque and teammate-stressing way to lose glory.

Level and maybe influence based glory penalties should simply not apply to defenders, especially if they keep the these low revive rates. For attackers - if they have a teammate willing to help them, good for them! The ability to use backers without penalty makes the little one’s troops worth as much as anyone else’s on their team on attack, and that’s a good thing.


I agree the gloryscaling should stay but maybe the revive rate could be scaled that would solve the problem.

The attacker get his glory and the defender get a better revive because there was no chance of defending.


Which brings us back to people not attacking and only defending so they don’t lose troops… defenders should lose troops… you weee attacked and suffered casualties… that’s the nature of war. Likewise the attacker should suffer loses for a failed attack… and that’s how it’s currently set up.

The issue you brought up is strictly glory scaling… having an obsidian or vanguard backup on a low level base to ensure 5 flames (rendering the base defenseless). Having the glory scale based on gighest level of attacker (be it lead or backer) is the simplest solution


Where are you looking? There was a bust up on level 4 land between Savagetakeovers 5TA and TheAnokus last night that I saw. I’ve seen some other diamond teams getting bubbled on level 4 land as well. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening


Thats why i was asking.

And I never talked about a 100% reviverate but also not 70%


In almost all threads I don’t think anyone thinks revives don’t need to be increased some.

But obviously it would have to stay outside of the zero sum ranges.


BRING BACK SAILOR RATE TO 7200/hr then do whatever you want PG lol. Stop punishing active players.


Because intentionally fking with diamond teams buffer or sub allied teams is totally comparable to fking with a shark… just sayin’ That’s why many Diamond teams place them where they are. Either as buffers or as glory hole bait, or alts, friends ect.
We see it all the time. While the relationships are usually not totally symbiotic, it exists and I don’t think it’s gonna change any time soon. It’s just a risk factor that has to be calculated when you’re planning a siege.


And the risk is not worth the reward for platinum teams. Which is why atlas is stagnating. But I’m finally figuring out that most vocal team big teams/players seem to want atlas to stagnate, so we just come from a different point of view.

PG, I’m starting to like the idea of separating atlas between leagues more and more, bring it on.


No it sounds like u want castles that u cant defend and never get hit


I agree would rather deal with sand baggers and lower prize payouts in split leagues then being able to do nothing as it stands now.


Lol. Stagnation is not caused by teams who aren’t willing to take a castle. It was stagnating because teams who couldn’t defend very valuable land were hiding behind glory scaling , and people were hitting Aligane for glory instead of castles. Has nothing to do with ur unwillingness to fight other plat teams. As I have said countless times there are many teams not sponsored and don’t have any type of protection. Nobody is gonna hand u a paper that tells u who is protected by who, everyone has to experiment. Not even just lower teams. This applies to middle teams as well (sapphire) and even big teams. You find out through experience.


I would reccomend finding a team to sponsor you. You can buy castles from them, learn how to defend, and get assistance.


Nope not at all. I’d just like to be able to attack castles of other platinum teams without diamond teams coming running.


I completely agree with that. I have also suggested that ppl stick with 5ta. Not alliance with sub alliance with sub alliance with yet another sub alliance.


U have 200 teams between diamond and plat in the same alliance it makes everything stupid aggravating.